Due to Covid-19,  the endocrinology clinics up until May 11, 2020 are cancelled.  All the patients who have appointments until May 11 will be contacted and will have a telephone appointment with an endocrinologist. For questions about return to school , please  see the  guideline that follows. 


The COVID-19 pandemic requires all of us to be mindful of our hospital resources. If your child has a clinic appointment, the doctor will call you on the day of the scheduled appointment or during that week. There are no appointments four our patients scheduled in person at the hospital at this time. All insulin pump teachings are cancelled until further notice. They will be rescheduled once the situation is more stable.  

We have received a lot of questions about COVID-19 and returning to school or daycareWhat we know from the research is:

  • Children with diabetes do not seem to be at higher risk of getting infected with coronavirus. 
  • However, everyone, including children, should wash their hands often and respect social distancing. 
  • Children who are sick seem to have less severe symptoms than adults. If your child is sick, follow sick day management guidelines (adjust insulin, check ketones). Contact the diabetes team as needed. 

The decision to return to school or daycare is a personal choice of parents based on comfort level and health of other household members. 

Prescription renewals can be sent by fax from your pharmacy to our clinic 514-412-4264.

If you need help with insulin adjustment you can:

For EMERGENCIES, please contact the pediatric diabetes doctor on call at 514-412-4400 extension: 53333. 

More information can be found here (English only):

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Our history

An insulin pump is a medical device used by people with diabetes as an alternative to multiple daily injections of insulin with a syringe or pen.

The Diabetes Clinic at the Montreal Children’s Hospital initiated a pediatric insulin pump protocol in February 2000. All diabetes patients on injections or pumps are followed by team members from the Diabetes Clinic. 

Programs and services

The process to initiate insulin pump therapy is a long one. The child’s endocrinologist must first give medical approval before the process can begin.

The first step in starting insulin pump therapy is for the parents (and the child if they are old enough) to attend an insulin pump information session. During this session, we explain the basic principles of pump therapy, as well as the criteria for starting a pump, and all necessary preparatory steps and requirements.

If the family decides to go ahead with a pump, our nutritionist will meet with them to teach advanced carbohydrate-counting. This process may continue over several months.

The family is responsible for choosing the pump they wish to purchase and organizing the financial arrangements with the pump manufacturer and their private insurance company (if any). The family must also organize the care plan for school – that is, identifying who will be responsible for supervising the child’s extra glucose testing, the insulin for meals and snacks, and the general management of the pump.

When properly set up, insulin pump therapy is now recognized as the optimal treatment modality to control diabetes and minimize the long term risks of cardiac, renal, neurological and visual complications of the disease. It can also provide a more flexible and “normal” lifestyle for those who would otherwise need multiple insulin injections and a strict meal plan.

However, the insulin pump is not for everyone, and it does not automatically guarantee better control of a child’s diabetes. Our staff will help you make the best decision for your child and family, and support you along the way.


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