Medical records

A medical chart contains different reports such as x-rays, pathology reports, notes, etc. about a patient’s health. These reports are available in the paper chart or on computer in some cases.


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Parents can access their child's medical records from The Montreal Children's Hospital by following simple procedures and adhering to the laws governing access to this type of information.
  • Children aged 14 years and younger: only the parents' consent is required (except for cases where the law has determined otherwise).
  • According to the law, children aged 14 years and older may obtain the information contained in their medical files without their parents' permission.

To access information contained in your or your child’s medical records or to obtain a copy for you or for any other person that has your authorization, you must send a written request and the completed authorization form (see below) by regular mail or by fax transmission. You can also make the request personally at the Medical Records department. This request should contain the following information:

  • The first and last name of the child
  • The child's birth date
  • The complete names of both parents
  • The child's medical file number (if available)
  • An accurate list of the exact documentation you require
  • Parent’s signature if the patient is under 14 years old
  • Patient’s signature if the patient is over 14 years old

Download PDF Authorization form

To help us serve you better and avoid any unnecessary delays, please include the nature of your request and the date when the information is needed. A minimal charge will apply to all requests for copies in excess of 20 pages. Please note that requests by email won’t be considered. 

Questions? Find the answers by clicking on the brochure below:
Access to the Pediatric Medical Chart - Questions and Answers

Contacting us

To send a request by mail:
Room number : C RC.7103, Glen site
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To send a request by fax: 

Please note we do not accept email requests.

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