Pediatric test centre (diagnostic testing)

The Montreal Children’s Hospital operates a pediatric test centre with appointments for children from 0 to 17 years of age inclusively.

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Services offered
Diagnostic tests: blood tests, urine tests, stool tests, sweat testing.
  • The Test Centre does not perform vaginal swabs. Patients should be referred to the Gynecology Program (Adolescent Medicine) for a consultation with a physician for such tests.
  • Hydrogen breath tests for lactose intolerance and oral glucose tolerance tests are performed at the Clinical Investigation Unit (CIU), ext 24430.
  • Test results are communicated to the physician who has requested the test. Referring physicians are asked to include phone and fax numbers on test requests to receive results.
Hours of Operation
  • Monday to Friday from 07h00 – 16h00 except holidays (Please arrive before 15h30 p.m. to be registered).
  • Please note that early morning appointments (07h00-09h00) are reserved for fasting patients only.
  • Patients who require fasting blood tests are asked to mention it when making their appointment. Please consult your Physician to establish whether or not fasting is required for your child’s blood test.
  • Average wait time: Patients with appointments are generally seen within 30 minutes of their scheduled appointment time. Waiting times for walk-in patients (no appointments) vary from 30 minutes to 1.5 hour. Please note that on pedagogical school days, the volume of patients is higher and the wait time may be longer.


Your appointment
The average wait time for an appointment for routine tests is 2 weeks. Walk-in patients (without appointments) are accepted but waiting times depend on the volume of patients at any given time. Please note that certain patients are considered priority when they arrive at the Test Centre based on pre-established hospital criteria.
Room number: B 02.5118, Glen site
At each visit, patients must bring:
  • A physician’s prescription or laboratory requisition; properly completed, signed and dated by the physician
  • Valid Medicare card
  • Valid hospital card (Hospital cards can be obtained at C RC 0036)
Please note the Test Centre closes early on days when the number of patients waiting for tests exceeds the number that staff can process before closing time.
Our team

Staff members

  • Joe Mennito, Manager
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. My child requires a blood test/urine test/sweat test. How do I proceed?

It is highly recommended that all patients book an appointment for blood tests and urine tests. Appointments are mandatory for sweat tests only. The average waiting time for an appointment for routine tests is 2 weeks. For more urgent tests, patients may be seen on a walk-in basis. Wait times for these patients will depend on the overall number of patients present that day.

With an appointment, the average wait time once arrived at our Test Centre is under 30 minutes. Patients who walk in without an appointment can expect to wait between 30 to 90 minutes, on average.

On the day of your appointment, please don’t forget to bring a valid hospital card, medicare card, as well as your physician’s requisition.

2. How do I know if my child’s hospital card is valid and where do I get a new one?

The hospital card’s expiration date is written at the bottom left-hand corner of the red card. Its expiry date is the same as a patient’s medicare card expiration date. If you need to make a new hospital card, please go to room C RC 0036 prior to coming to the PTC.

3. What is fasting?

Fasting means that your child has not eaten anything, nor drank anything besides water for a pre-determined amount of time prior to their blood test, based on age.

Depending on your child’s age, the fasting period may be longer or shorter. Please refer to the requirements below:

  • Children less than 12 months old: 4 hours
  • Children 12-18 months old: 6 hours
  • Children older than 18 months old: 12 hours

4. Which tests require fasting?

Fasting is required when indicated by your physician or when the following tests have been requested: Fasting Glucose (AC), Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Pyruvate, Triglycerides (Lipid Profile).

If you are unsure if fasting is required for your child’s upcoming blood test, please consult your physician.

5. I have a urine or stool specimen to collect and drop-off. How do I proceed?

Specimens may be dropped off from Monday to Friday between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. in room B 02.5118.

Please be sure that you have your child’s hospital card and your physician’s requisition with you each time you drop off a specimen. We are unable to accept your specimen without these documents.

6. Can I drop off specimens outside of opening hours?

Specimens can only be dropped off during opening hours in room B 02.5118 from Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Do not leave any specimens hanging from the door, as they will not be accepted.

7. My child is not potty-trained. How can I collect his or her urine?

We have special urine collection bags that can be taped to your child to collect urine.

8. My child requires a sweat test. What does this test entail?

A sweat test is a painless procedure lasting about 45 minutes during which your child’s sweat glands are stimulated to produce sweat, and this sweat is then collected for analysis. Because sweat collection requires that your child stay warm in order to produce a sufficient amount of sweat, patients are required to bring warm clothing or a warm blanket for warmth. It is important to note that if your child does not sufficiently sweat during the procedure, we may not be able to perform the analysis.

9. My child does not have a Quebec Medicare card/ we are not insured. Can he or she still be tested?

Your child may still be tested even if you do not have Medicare coverage. Please let a member of our administrative staff know if you are not covered by Medicare once you arrive at the Pediatric Test Centre. Our administrative officers will prepare an invoice for you based on the tests requested by your physician. You will then be required to take the invoice to the hospital’s Billing Office prior to the blood draw to pay for the procedure.

10. In the waiting room I’m noticing that patients that have arrived after me are being called in before me. Why is that?

Patients are seen in order of medical priority established by The Montreal Children’s Hospital as well as according to scheduled appointment times. Furthermore, not all patients come to the PTC for the same reasons. Some patients may be present for other testing (sweat tests, diabetic clinic) and have appointment times independent from those waiting for blood tests.

11. Why can’t you tell me the waiting time and/or why is there such a long wait today?

Although we do our very best to respect appointment times, unforeseen circumstances may cause delays. It is very difficult for us to estimate waiting times because each patient is different and some patients require more time than others. Family members and caregivers can rest assured that once their name is called, they will be given the highest level of care and attention.

12. I would like to know my child’s tests results. Can I call the lab?

Test results can only be given to a patient’s requesting physician. No test results will be given to parents or patients. If you wish to inquire about results, you must communicate with the physician who ordered a given test.

13. My physician’s requisition was not accepted in the PTC. How come?

By law, certain information must appear on the requisition your physician provides you for any given test. Prior to leaving your physician’s office with a requisition for blood, urine or sweat tests, make sure that the following information has been correctly recorded:

  • Your child’s full name (as indicated on their medicare and hospital card)
  • Your physician’s full name, including his or her license number and clinic name

If you have more than one child coming for tests, each child must have their own requisition. If your requisition is lacking any of the above information we may have to reject it. We will allow you to call your physician and have them fax us a corrected copy.


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Room number: B 02.5118, Glen site
To reach the office call : 514-412-4431
To make an appointment or reach the office call : 514-412-4431