Provides specialized (second-line and third-line) and emergency psychiatric services for children and adolescents up to the age of 18 who suffer from a broad range of emotional or behavioral problems. 
Please note that patients requiring first-line mental health services must be referred to their CLSC. Every CSSS/CLSC has a multidisciplinary mental health team that provides evaluation and intervention.

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Who we are

The Pediatric Psychiatry Care Program (PPCP) at the Montreal Children’s Hospital was developed as a response to the changing needs of the population in Quebec as well as to implement evidence-based principles for better evaluation and intervention of psychiatric illness in children and adolescents.

Our program provides evaluation, intervention and follow-up services that are cost-effective, patient and family centred, and decrease the intensity and level of associated impairment while promoting our patients’ prompt return to the community. Our program also addresses the unique needs of children and adolescents who suffer from chronic medical conditions, especially neurological or developmental disorders, who need the type of expertise to address their co-morbid psychiatric symptoms or disorders that is not available through other community services. The program members provide ongoing consultations and links with community partners.


Our team

The team of dedicated professionals in the Pediatric Psychiatry Care Program is composed of clinician nurses, psychiatrists, social counsellors, an occupational therapist, a psychologist, a social worker, a recreologist, and school teachers who together have extensive experience working with children and adolescents with mental health issues. The team also provides therapeutic group settings and interventions that can contribute to helping youth reintegrate as soon as possible into their family and community settings.

Department head

Dr. Martin Gauthier, Director

Staff members



Where the care happens

At the Montreal Children’s Hospital, we have eight inpatient acute care beds as well as 15 places in our day hospital, including three places for youth with eating disorder problems. The length of stay is, on average, eight days for inpatient hospitalizations.


Our programs and services

The Pediatric Psychiatry Care Program is the only child psychiatry acute care program in the McGill RUIS. The services we provide to patients include a multidisciplinary approach (bringing together specialists from different areas) to providing evaluation and assessment, planning the patient’s care, initiating interventions, and organizing transfer of care and the patient’s reintegration to the community. We have also developed a partial hospitalization model to allow for sub-acute care at home and prevent hospitalization when possible. The PPCP program is a government-accredited teaching unit in child psychiatry for medical students and psychiatry residents.

For information on admission to our program, please see our brochure for parents and patients.




Conditions and treatments

Our program team treats patients with psychiatric disorders including psychosis, bipolar disorder, major depression, suicidality (suicidal thinking or behaviour), affective disorders, and anxiety disorders.


Contact us

To reach the office: 514-412-4449

Fax: 514-412-4243


Conditions and illnesses

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Room: A03.3138.1, Glen site

Phone : 514-412-4449
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