Surgery (Plastic Surgery)


Our history

The Division of Plastic Surgery at the Montreal Children’s Hospital was founded in 1954 with the goal of providing repair and reconstructive surgery to children with a variety of health conditions from birth to age 18. These include congenital malformations and reconstructive treatments following an injury.

Our Division’s longstanding commitment to bringing the most innovative and advanced treatments and surgical techniques to our patients has been greatly influenced by the leadership of Dr. Bruce Williams, former Chief of Plastic Surgery at the McGill University Health Centre. Dr. Williams is widely known and respected for his enthusiastic spirit and dedication to research and improving outcomes for patients following surgery.

The Division of Plastic Surgery at McGill University and the Montreal Children’s Hospital is now led by Dr. Mirko Gilardino who was appointed Chief in February 2019. He continues to direct the H.B. Williams Craniofacial and Cleft Surgery Unit, named in honour of the late Dr. Williams.

Our team

The Division of Plastic Surgery at the Montreal Children’s Hospital brings together a team of seven surgeons who are specialized in treating conditions that affect a child’s face and skull (craniomaxillofacial deformities), neck, thorax, hands, and skin. The Division places a great emphasis on teaching and training future plastic surgeons, and a craniofacial fellow (international fellowship) is also part of the Plastic Surgery team. Due to the diverse medical needs of many of our patients, our team is closely linked with many other departments and services throughout the hospital. This means our team also includes a number of different health professionals and support staff, including neurosurgeons, ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists, dentists, general practitioners, nurses, audiologists, speech language pathologists, psychologists and social workers, among others.

Our Craniofacial and Cleft Surgery Unit was inaugurated in 2010 and named after Dr. Bruce Williams. The Division has provided these craniofacial and cleft surgery services for more than 50 years and they are now organized within a specific structure to better benefit our patients.

The Pediatric Plastic Surgery team includes:

Where the care happens

Patients and families are seen and evaluated in clinic. Patients undergo surgeries in the MCH Operating Room. 


Programs and services

The Division of Plastic Surgery sees a number of patients in the following clinics:

The H.B. Williams Craniofacial and Cleft Surgery Unit: A large comprehensive multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals and medical specialists focused on the care of complex craniomaxillofacial (pertaining to the skull and face) deformities as well as children born with cleft lip and/or palates.

Treatments include procedures for craniofacial deformities, distraction osteogenesis, cleft lip and cleft palate repair. Dr. Mirko Gilardino is the Director of the Unit.

Our Ear Reconstruction Program is integrated in the unit and Dr. Lucie Lessard is the program director. We perform many types of surgery on patients who have congenital malformations of the ears, mouth and jaw.

The Brachial Plexus Clinic: This clinic is dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of patients with problems affecting the brachial plexus,: a group of five nerves that provide movement and sensation to the arm. Dr. Teanoosh Zadeh and Dr. Stephanie Thibodeau are responsible for the clinic.

The Hand Clinic: This clinic specializes in the evaluation and treatment of different types of hand conditions, usually acquired at birth, but sometimes the result of traumatic hand injuries and other conditions. Our multidisciplinary team offers a variety of treatment options including microsurgery that aims to minimize the need for multiple surgeries, and reconnection of amputated body parts. .

The Burn Clinic: The Burn Clinic at the Montreal Children’s Hospital treats patients suffering from skin burns which range from minor ailments to major burns requiring inpatient admission and surgery. Our team is made up of a variety of health professionals including doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and social workers and is closely linked with the hospital’s Trauma department. 

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