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Superhero Day brings smiles to the Children's

At the Children’s, we believe each and every one of our patients possesses the resilience and courage of a true superhero. And thanks to our friends at the Starlight Foundation, our little champs got to meet their very favourite superheroes in person yesterday during Superhero Day! The smiles were contagious in the Montreal Children’s Hospital’s atrium as our patients got to snap photos with Elsa, Spiderman and Batman :)

Do you know a patient who’s a true superhero? Tell us your story .

Patient stories

Listening to her belt out a song, you’d never know 22-year-old Kaila Picard was once more familiar with the halls of The Montreal Children’s Hospital than singing in front of a live audience -- but the young songstress knows what it’s like to be in and out of the hospital as a child.