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Dispatches from Benin #4: Make Good Decisions

My best friend’s wife has a routine of dropping off their daughter to school every morning with the same advice: make good decisions. I repeat those words over and over under my breath during the evaluation of many patients on the Ship. They are fragile. They are presenting late. The medical history is often difficult or impossible to obtain. Many suffer from poor nutrition, recurrent malaria, anemia, or all three. Many can continue to live with their disabilities for a long time, until one day they can’t. Should I operate?

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Patient stories

May 1st, 2015 is a date that 12-year old Christina-Maria Dangelas and her mother, Joanna, won’t soon forget. After complaining about a lump on her humerus, a bone found in her arm, a routine X-ray at the Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH) showed that Christina, a previously healthy and active soccer player, didn’t have a sports injury as previously suspected. She had a tumour on her bone. +