Work environment

Every day, our staff members work together to help patients and their families achieve victories in their challenges with many different illnesses and conditions. We believe that every moment of triumph is a reason to smile. 

Patient- and family-centered care

At the Children's, we pride ourselves on putting the needs of children first. Part of that means taking a system-wide approach to patient- and family-centered care, which is based on the belief that the family is a child's primary source of strength and support. Healthcare professionals are the experts on health and disease, but parents are the experts on their child and they can offer essential information to enhance their child's health care.

A successful partnership between health care providers and families is based on mutual trust, respect and responsibility, and can contribute to better health outcomes for patients.

Multidisciplinary care teams

At the Montreal Children’s Hospital, our care teams are not only made up of physicians and nurses, but also include staff from a number of allied health professions such as social work and physiotherapy. Bringing together professionals to address the varied needs of each patient allows us to better anticipate and address health issues from all angles.


The Montreal Children's Hospital believes all patients and families we see are entitled to equal care and service. Our staff members speak both English and French, and many of our employees are multilingual. The hospital created the Sociocultural Consultation and Interpretation Services department, the first of its kind in Canada, more than 30 years ago. The program provides services to members of Montreal's diverse ethnocultural communities, ensuring that children receive health care that is both culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate.