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The Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology at the MCH is the largest pediatric allergy practice in Canada.

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Our history

Allergy and Immunology began offering services at the Montreal Children's Hospital (MCH) in the 1950s under the guidance of Dr. Harry Bacall. Since that time, the Division has offered cutting edge treatments for asthma, food, seasonal, venom and drug allergies. We are a leading center for the diagnosis and management of primary immunodeficiencies in Canada. The MCH is the site of the first pediatric allergy/immunology training program in Quebec, and currently has the largest pediatric allergy and immunology service team in Canada.

Our team

The Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology at the MCH is the largest pediatric allergy practice in Canada. We are leaders in food allergy, asthma, and immune deficiency research, able to provide patients with cutting edge treatments. Our team, among others, includes 10 physicians, two nurses, two administrative assistants.

Our physicians have expertise in pediatric allergy, asthma, rhinitis-sinusitis, skin diseases, and food allergies. We also specialize in the evaluation and treatment of immune deficiency (when the body’s immune system is reduced or absent). Our physicians have worked and trained in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Our experienced allergy nursing team is specifically trained to work with children with allergies and immune deficiencies, providing excellent care.

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Where the care happens

The Allergy and Immunology Clinic is located in A 02.2227 at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. 

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Depending on the reason for initial consultation and in the interests of providing rapid access to care, some patients will be seen by our Montreal Children’s Hospital specialists at nearby facilities. 


·         Testing for food allergies, environmental allergies, amoxicillin allergies, and stinging insect allergy

·         Treatment of allergic rhinitis and sinusitis, skin conditions, and asthma

Patients are seen by medical students, pediatric residents, or immunologists-in training (fellows), as well as a staff immunologist. Patients who have had a preliminary evaluation and need more in-depth follow-up may be seen by their allergist at the Montreal Children’s Hospital for procedures such as skin testing for medication or insect venom or challenges with food or medication.

Our services

Our Division offers comprehensive treatments for patients with allergies and other immune system problems:

Food allergy diagnostics/treatment:  Our specialists evaluate children with suspected food allergies by first establishing the child’s clinical history and performing skin testing and blood testing.  If appropriate, diagnostic food challenge tests are performed to determine if the child currently has an allergy and to follow the natural evolution of his/her allergy.

Advice and ongoing support is provided to patients with food allergies. Patients and families are also given access to the first Quebec program for food desensitization, available through our Center for Innovative Medicine under our research protocol.

Dr. Noya discusses with Veronica from about asthma in young children. He answers questions about how asthma presents, what usually triggers it, what signs and symptoms occur that parents can recognize, and what happens inside the chest. Wheezing is explained. He also discusses the two modalities of treatment by inhalers: relievers to rapidly improve symptoms, and controllers to keep asthma at bay, and the importance of spacers.

Hayfever, pets and environmental allergies, allergic rhinitis, asthma and sinusitis:  We offer diagnosis and treatments of the conditions above, including environmental counseling, desensitization therapy, bringing “allergy shots” into the 21st century, medication review and re-evaluation.  Our patients access cutting edge new treatments and can help improve our understanding of living with allergies as we treatment of their condition through research programs.

Treatment of primary immune deficiency:  Our experts evaluate children who have problems fighting infections by taking a comprehensive history of the child, performing a physical examination and providing the most comprehensive immune testing available in Quebec. Genetic testing and highly specialized examinations are commonly used with these patients. We offer in-hospital and home immunoglobulin replacement programs, bone marrow transplantation, infection control and monitoring, as well as a 24-hour consultation service.

Skin conditions:   We offer the most up to date treatments available for hives, eczema and drug rashes, using pharmacologic and behavioral therapies. We work closely with our division members in the Pediatric Dermatology Service.

Stinging insect allergy:  Children with suspected allergy to bees, wasps, hornets and other stinging insects are offered cutting-edge treatment plans including desensitization and emergency preparedness training.

Drug allergy:  Children with suspected drug allergies undergo complete evaluations including, if needed, specially supervised drug challenges.  The goal is to accurately diagnose children with drug hypersensitivities and preventing labeling of patients with “drug allergies” without proper diagnosis. Watch an interview with MCH Immunologist Dr. Moshe Ben Shoshan (author of 1 of the 10 Best Research Publications in Pediatrics for 2016 – New England Journal of Medicine Publication Watch) .

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  • Room A 02.2227
  • 514-412-4040 (phone)
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