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The Montreal Children’s Hospital Child Development Program offers patient- and family-centred care within the context of development and behaviour.

Developmental Pediatrics is a discipline which measures and assesses skills and inefficiencies in language, motor, and socio-emotional domains from the time of infancy into preschool years and adolescence. Developmental Pediatrics offers specialized evaluation of children and youth with questions about developmental skills and abilities or particular behavioural concerns including but not limited to complex developmental issues such as autism, multiple developmental delays, ADHD and learning disabilities, gender variance, psychopharmacological consultation, developmental coordination disorder and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.


The goal of assessment at the MCH is to make sure appropriate recommendations are available to the family in order to provide continuity of care to community-based services (primary care physicians, schools, CLSCs, rehabilitation centres, etc.) to benefit the child and maximize the acquisition of developmental skills. Ultimately this approach will help each child achieve their maximum potential.



Our team


Department Head:

Dr. T. Emmett Francoeur, Director

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How to refer a patient


Primary Care physicians in the community can access the services of Developmental Pediatrics by completing a referral through the BDB Centralized Intake Office, and in the new format, directing families to the Agir Tot project in their CLSC to ensure all possible resources are explored





Community resources

While waiting for an appointment at one of our clinics, parents can contact the psychosocial support desk at their local CLSC to find out about stimulation programs, speech therapy, psycho-social support, services from a psychoeducator, etc.) Parents do not need a doctor's referral to access these services.

Children currently attending a CPE or subsidized daycare may be eligible for the extra assistance within the daycare setting (“Allowance for the Integration of a Handicapped Child”).

Conditions and illnesses

Questions about an already scheduled appointment:

  • Room: A03.3138
  • Tel: 514-412-4314
  • Fax : 514-412-4280
Refer a patient 

The Child Development program is part of the Brain Development & Behavior clinically integrated network. New referrals must be processed via the Central Intake Service.

Please follow the instructions for referral on the Central Intake webpage and send it by:

To refer to the Psychopharmacology clinic, please use the following form