The Dermatology Department at the Montreal Children’s Hospital evaluates and manages a wide range of dermatological conditions. We encourage referring physicians to consult our referral form and fax the request to 514-412-4288 (Appointment Center). 

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Who we are

The Dermatology Department at the Montreal Children’s Hospital evaluates and manages a wide range of dermatological conditions. The most common conditions are atopic dermatitis (eczema), acne vulgaris, infantile hemangiomas (build-up of blood vessels), vitiligo (skin loses melanin), and psoriasis. The team also assesses a variety of birth marks and skin tumours or nevi, and accepts frequent referrals for skin infections (e.g. tinea, impetigo, molluscum, facial warts). We have the expertise to diagnose and treat rarer dermatological conditions and rashes including disorders of the hair and nails, genetic skin conditions and rheumatological conditions such as morphea or lupus. As part of a tertiary-care academic centre, we offer cutting-edge treatments, such as propranolol for hemangiomas. We also administer phototherapy treatments to selected patients and perform minor surgical excisions under local anesthesia when indicated. 

Our history

Dermatology at the Montreal Children’s Hospital dates back to 1917 when the service was created as an “off-shoot” of Dermatology at the Montreal GeneralHospital. In the early days, Dermatology clinics were held once a week in the MCH St-Antoine St. clinics. In the 1960s, the Dermatology outpatient clinics were increasing in size, and a full-time chief of Dermatology at The Children’s Hospital was needed. Dr. Frederick Kalz filled that role and was instrumental in making Dermatology a division within the Department of Pediatrics. He also ensured that the Montreal Children’s Hospital became a major teaching centre for Dermatology at McGillUniversity. From 1990 to 2010, the division prospered under the directorship of Dr. Brenda Moroz.

Pediatric Dermatology at the MCH has remained primarily an outpatient clinic service. It also frequently responds to urgent referrals from the Emergency department, wards, outpatient clinics within the hospital and physicians outside the hospital. 

Our team

Four dermatologists with pediatric expertise make up the Dermatology team. One dermatologist has particular expertise in both cutaneous manifestations of connective tissue diseases and organ transplant patients. Another of the dermatologists specializes in genetic skin disorders.

Staff members

Where the care happens

Dermatology patients are seen in the clinics on A2 south of the Montreal Children's Hospital on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons as well as Friday mornings. Adjacent to the clinic space, we have a large treatment room that is used to evaluate patients during clinic hours and also to perform biopsies and minor dermatological procedures. We also have a modest phototherapy room with one UVB narrowband unit. 

When appropriate, may be seen in alternate facilities outside of the Montreal Children’s Hospital. 

Our services

Dermatological Surgery Clinic: a supervised dermatology resident performs removal of skin tumours, nevi and biopsies in this weekly clinic.

Hemangioma Clinic: patients with infantile hemangiomas and other vascular anomalies are followed and, if indicated, treated, usually with oral propranolol. The clinic is held once a month.

Genodermatoses Clinic: A dermatologist, geneticist and genetic counselor evaluate patients with genetic skin disorders during a GPD clinic in B-280, which takes place once a month.

Joint Rheumatology-Dermatology Clinic: a dermatologist runs a clinic to evaluate patients with combined rheumatological and dermatological disorders. This clinic takes place once a month. 

How to refer a patient or get a first appointment

Dear Referring Doctor,

To complete our mission as a tertiary care center and in order to provide you with the best possible service we are requesting that you kindly complete our REFERRAL TRIAGE FORM and fax it to 514-412-4288 (Appointment Center). Please note that any incomplete or illegible form will not be processed and will be returned, resulting in delays.

In case of any URGENT consultation that needs to be seen within one week please contact the Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH) Call Center at 514-412-4400 extension 53333 and ask to speak to the dermatologist on call.

Thank you for your collaboration,

Montreal Children’s Hospital, Department of Pediatrics, Division of Dermatology

Preparing for an appointment

Conditions and illnesses

Refer a patient 
  • Room A 02.2227 
  • 514-412-4040 (to make an appointment)
  • 514-412-4288 (appointments fax)
  • 514-412-4310 (department administration)
  • Fax : 514-412-4202 (office fax)

Safety and wellness

Too much time spent under the summer sun can be dangerous for children.