Multicultural clinic


Our team

The Multicultural Clinic staff currently includes four pediatricians, a pediatric fellow, and a patient navigator.

Staff members:


Programs and services

The Clinic sees children who are refugees, immigrants or have been adopted internationally, who have come to Canada within the past 12 to 18 months. Every child undergoes a complete history and physical exam. Screening for anemia, other medical conditions, parasites and infectious diseases is also offered since many of the children coming to the clinic are considered at high risk for these conditions. Some children seen in the clinic come from war zones where they lived in refugee camps. If needed, the clinic staff may also refer the child to specialty physicians, social workers and other professionals such as mental health providers. 

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Room: A 02.2227, Glen site

To make an appointment: 514-412-4040

Fax: send all consults to 514-412-4288 and 514-412-4271

For more information about the Clinic, call Dr. Auger at (514)-412-4400 ext. 22893