Occupational Therapy


Who we are

The Montreal Children’s Hospital Occupational Therapy Department assesses and provides short-term intervention for children with special needs from infancy through adolescence. We use formal testing, purposeful play and other activities to assess a child’s ability to do the tasks expected at their age. Working with the family, we provide a program of activities and exercises to achieve therapeutic goals. Children who require long-term intervention to accomplish the physical, social and learning tasks needed at each stage of development are referred to rehabilitation centres.

Our team

The Occupational Therapy Department consists of a team of 12 professionals who are specialists in pediatrics. All have received their license and training as part of a university degree program. Our professionals have developed expertise in child development, feeding/swallowing disorders, fabrication of splints and trauma.

Melanie Bazin, Professional Coordinator (Interim)


Our services

The Occupational Therapy Department serves a wide variety of inpatients and outpatients ranging from newborns to adolescents with developmental, traumatic, congenital and other acquired conditions. Occupational therapists provide services in the following areas:

Outpatient service areas: Neonatal Follow-Up Clinic, Neurology Clinic, Pediatric Consultation Centre, Genetics, Neurosurgery Clinic, Feeding Program (including Swallowing Disorders Clinic), Psychiatry outpatient programs, Complex Care Services, Rheumatology, Plastic Surgery clinic, Orthopedics clinic, Brain, Development and Behaviour (BDB) Clinics, and community-based referrals to our outpatient waiting list.

Note: Children 0-7 years old with suspected developmental delays including questions of Autism Spectrum Disorder who require assessment via a multidisciplinary team should be referred via the Brain, Development and Behaviour (BDB) Centralized Intake Office.

Inpatient service areas: Intensive Care Units (neonatal and pediatric), Medical and Surgical wards, Trauma/Neurotrauma Programs and Psychiatry ward.

Questions about an already scheduled appointment:

Room: A03.3138

Tel: 514-412-4407

Refer a patient 

Occupational Therapy is part of Brain Development & Behavior. New referrals must be processed via the Central Intake Service.

Please follow the instructions for referral on the Central Intake webpage and send it by: