Pediatric Consult Centre (PCC)

The Montreal Children’s Hospital is a tertiary/quaternary care centre that is also dedicated to providing consultant level pediatric care to the children of Montreal and the surrounding regions. We work in collaboration with a large network of pediatricians on and off the island to ensure that all kids who need to see a pediatrician, can see a pediatrician. Not all kids need to be seen at The Children’s, so depending on a child’s needs we ensure that they are seen at the right place.


How our system works

Primary Care

From birth to adulthood is a time of growth and development. Kids need a primary care provider to ensure they are meeting developmental milestone and growing appropriately. Primary care providers use the Rourke Baby Record or the ABCDaire as evidence based health maintenance guides to ensure your child is healthy, growing well, and meeting milestones. In Canada, 60-70% of primary care is provided by family doctors or nurse practitioners, with the rest of primary care being taken care of by pediatricians. Children who are followed by a pediatrician usually have chronic care needs, like asthma or learning difficulties for example. If your child needs a primary care provider, they should sign up for a family doctor.

Secondary Care

If your child has a non-urgent issue that requires the expertise of a pediatrician, your primary care provider can consult a pediatrician via the Consultant Services Distribution Centre, or CRDS (Centre de Repartition et Distribution de Services.

The consult will be sent by the CRDS to a pediatrician that has availability near you in a reasonable time frame. If you were seen by a specialist at The Montreal Children’s Hospital who wants your child to be seen by a pediatrician, they will send our team a consult and we will find you a pediatrician close to your home within a reasonable time delay.

The problems that may require a pediatrician include chronic headaches, developmental issues, language delays, recurrent abdominal pain, failure to thrive, gastroesophageal reflux, school and behavioural problems or any pediatric problem for which a physician wants a second opinion or more intensive investigation.

We work with Clinique Ambulatoire Pédiatrique in Montreal North, The Children’s Care Clinic in Pierrefonds and The Lasalle Pediatrics Group at The Lasalle Hospital in Montreal West, Tiny Tots, Bloom Clinic, and The Children’s Clinic in Montreal Centre West, The Notre Dame Hospital Pediatrics Group in Montreal Centre South, and The Maisonneuve Rosemont Hospital Pediatrics Group in Montreal East. We also work with many teams off the island of Montreal.

Tertiary Care

At The Montreal Children’s Hospital, our group of outpatient pediatricians have extensive experience in dealing with children with medical complexity. If your child is followed by 3 or more subspecialists for more than a year, our Intermediate Complexity Care and Navigation Team (ICCAN) will follow and coordinate the care of your child here at the hospital, empowering families, and their primary care providers, to manage their children’s care plans.

Our team

The Montreal Children’s Hospital Pediatric Consult Centre is staffed by experienced, general consultant pediatricians.


Staff members

  • Dr. Matthew Donlan: Director of Outpatient Care

  • Dr. Sara Long-Gagne: Director of I-CCAN

  • Dr. Avigyle Grunbaum

  • Dr. Catherine Henin

  • Dr. Nadine Korah

  • Dr. Jessica Monteiro

  • Dr. June Ortenberg

  • Dr. Sophia Statmiller

  • Dr. Robert Sternszus

Conditions and illnesses

Refer a patient 
  • Room A 02.2227 
  • To make an appointment: As of October 24th, 2016, requests for consultation in general pediatrics must be sent to the Centre de repartiment des services (CRDS)
  • To reach the office: 514-412-4433
  • For questions about referring a patient to our service, please call 514-412-4400 ext. 22338.