Speech-Language Pathology

The Montreal Children's Hospital Speech Pathology Department offers a wide array of services for children and adolescents who have speech and language problems. 

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Who we are

The Montreal Children's Hospital Speech-Language Pathology Department offers a wide array of services for children and adolescents who have speech or language problems. Examples of these problems are articulation problems related to cleft palate or language problems resulting from a traumatic accident. Once our evaluation is completed, we may offer services in our department or reorient children towards community services such as a rehabilitation center or their CLSC.

Our history

The hospital hired its first speech pathologist in 1938. By the early 1950s there were English- and French-speaking speech pathologists on the team and several clinics had been developed in the areas of stuttering, cerebral palsy and cleft palate. In 1980, the first intensive program for stuttering adolescents was formed and in 1994, the MCH founded the first pediatric computerized voice laboratory in Canada in conjunction with the hospital’s Department of Otolaryngology. In 2000, the department began developing community partnerships wih pediatricians, CLSCs, rehabilitation centres and daycares.

Our team

The Montreal Children's Hospital Speech Pathology Department consists of a team of speech-language pathologists with various areas of expertise. Our special skills include the assessment and treatment of language delays and impairments, speech sound disorders, childhood apraxia of speech, voice disorders, resonance disorders, acquired language deficits, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Early Developmental Impairments, as well as language deficits associated with learning disabilities,   and attention disorders with or without hyperactivity. Furthermore, we offer specialized knowledge with respect to the speech- language assessment of Cree, Inuit and other indigenous communities. We are also proud to offer our leadership in the area of language assessment of bilingual or multilingual children and adolescents.  

Staff members

Lisa Massaro, M.Sc(A), Speech-Language Pathologist and Professional Coordinator of Speech-Language Department

Our services

The Montreal Children's Hospital Speech Pathology Department includes services for:

  • Craniofacial and Cleft Unit (ages 2 to 17 years): Assessment and intervention for problems of articulation and resonance associated with craniofacial differences, pre- and post-operative if necessary. Investigation of velopharyngeal dysfunction can be done if necessary (specialized instrumentation available).
  • Voice disorders (ages 2 to17 years): Assessment and intervention for various diseases including nodules, vocal cord paralysis, and vocal cord dysfunction (specialized instrumentation available)
  • Pervasive developmental disorders clinic (ages 0 to 5 years): Assessment and referral for intervention services in the community.
  • Neonatology Clinic (ages 0 to 5 years): Assessment and intervention or referral for intervention services.
  • Clinical evaluation of development (ages 0 to 5 years): Assessment and referral for intervention services. The team makes a diagnosis to direct children to appropriate community resources.
  • Trauma Program (ages 0 to 18 years): Assessment and intervention, or referral for intervention services. 
  • Brain, Development and Behaviour Clinics: Multidisciplinary assessment of children presenting with neurodevelopmental delays. Click here for Eligibility Criteria for a referral. 

    Note: Children 0-7 years old with suspected developmental delays including questions of Autism Spectrum Disorder who require assessment via a multidisciplinary team should be referred via the Brain, Development and Behaviour (BDB) Centralized Intake Office.

    Our services are offered in English and in French. As well, we work with interpreters in order to best serve families that speak another language than French and English. 


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Questions about an already scheduled appointment:

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Tel: 514-412-4491

Refer a patient 

Speech-Language Pathology is part of Brain Development & Behavior. New referrals must be processed via the Central Intake Service.

Please follow the instructions for referral on the Central Intake webpage and send it by:

  • Fax: (514) 412-4136
  • Email: bdbci@muhc.mcgill.ca