Our department provides diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of acute or chronic poisonings whether accidental, suicidal, or environmental.

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Our history

The Toxicology department was created in 1998 by Dr. Pierre-Étienne Sénécal and Dr. Dominic Chalut with the primary goal of offering clinical toxicology support to the attending physicians of patients admitted to the MCH or presenting at its Emergency department. An outpatient clinic was also opened to assess and treat cases of chronic poisoning often due to environmental exposure.

Our team

Dominic Chalut M.D., pediatric emergency physician; complementary toxicology training  at the Regional Center for Poison Control and Prevention in Massachusetts. 

Where the care happens

Most patients are assessed in Emergency following an episode of acute poisoning. Patients presenting with chronic poisoning (lead or mercury) are assessed at the outpatient clinic.

Programs and services

Clinical toxicology consultation service for patients treated at the MCH.

Conditions and treatments

Accidental or intentional acute clinical poisoning; chronic poisoning such as lead or mercury poisoning.

Conditions and illnesses

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Room: A 02.2227, Glen site

Phone : 514-412-4433
Fax : 514-412-4399

Safety and wellness

Most unintentional childhood poisoning occurs in the home.