Bernard Rosenblatt MD, CM FRCPC FAAN Director, Department of Clinical Neurophysiology

Fun fact about me 

I am the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Montreal Jewish Music Festival, Klezkanada.

I love working with children and their families because 
More than ever, we are able to make a positive difference in their lives.



Bsc. Psychology, Mcgill University

Medical Degree 

MD, CM Mcgill University


Child Neurology, McGill University


Electroencephalography, McGill University


Research interests 

Evoked Potentials, EEG, Epilepsy

Selected publications 

Simultaneous Guilain-Barre and acute disseminated encephalomyelitis in the pediatric population, Journal of Child Neurology, March 2008.

Development and functional outcomes at school entry of children with congenital heart defects who require early open heart surgery, The Journal of Pediatrics, July 2008.

A new look at congenital heart disease, Pediatric Neurology, 2009.

Homozygous Deletion of Tenascin-R in a patient with Intellectual Disability, J Med Genetics, July 2012.