Ernest Seidman

Gastroentérologie et nutrition


Selected publications 
Amre DK, Mack D, Israel D, Morgan K, Lambrette P, Law L, Grimard G, Deslandres C, Krupoves A, Bucionis V, Costea I, Bissonauth V, Feguery H, D’Souza S, Levy E, Seidman EG. Association between genetic variants in the IL23R gene and early-onset Crohn’s disease: Results from a case-control and family-based study among Canadian children. Am J Gastroenterol 103(3): 615-20, 2008.

D’Souza Y, Dionne S, Seidman E, Bitton A, Ward BJ. No evidence of persisting measles virus in tissue from children with inflammatory bowel disease. Gut 56: 886-8, 2007.

Amre DK, Lambrette P, Law L, Krupoves A, Chotard V, Costea F, Grimard G, Israel D, Mack D, Seidman EG. Investigating the hygiene hypothesis as a risk factor in pediatric onset Crohn’s disease: A case-control study. Am J Gastroenterol 101:1005-11, 2006.