Isabelle Corriveau, Ph.D., Pediatric Neuropsychologist

Pediatric neuropsychology
Fun fact about me 

My latest passion is being part of a gypsy and oriental dance troupe. We perform regularly at seniors’ residences and through our choreography, transport them to the four corners of the world!

I love working with children and their families because 
It’s gratifying to see them evolve and flourish despite the adversity most of them face. It’s essential that we look after and care for our children since they are the citizens of tomorrow.



Université de Montréal (Ph.D. in Psychology - option Clinical Neuropsychology)


Research interests 

Cognitive neurosciences

Electroencephalogram (EEG), event-related potentials (ERPs), attention and visuo-spatial memory

Clinical neuropsychology, neurodevelopmental problems

Selected publications 

Corriveau, I., Fortier-Gauthier, U., Pomerleau, V. J., McDonald, J., Dell'Acqua, R., & Jolicoeur, P. (2012). Electrophysiological evidence of multitasking impairment of attentional deployment reflects target-specific processing, not distractor inhibition. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 86(2), 152-159.

Pomerleau, V. J., Fortier-Gauthier, U., Corriveau, I., McDonald, J. J., Dell’Acqua, R., & Jolicœur, P. (2014). The attentional blink freezes spatial attention allocation to targets, not distractors: Evidence from human electrophysiology. brain research, 1559, 33-45.

Pomerleau, V. J., Fortier-Gauthier, U., Corriveau, I., Dell'Acqua, R., & Jolicœur, P. (2014). Colour-specific differences in attentional deployment for equiluminant pop-out colours: evidence from lateralised potentials. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 91(3), 194-205.

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