Isabelle De Bie, MD, PhD, FRCPC, FCCMG Medical Geneticist and Clinical Molecular Geneticist

Medical Genetics
Fun fact about me 

I enjoy flying kites.

I love working with children and their families because 
They teach me so much.

Hospital information

Academic appointments 

Director, Prenatal Diagnosis Program, Department of Medical Genetics, McGill University

Clinical Director of the Molecular Genetics Laboratory, McGill University

Other appointments 

Canadian College of Medical Geneticists, Board of Directors



BSc Biochemistry

PhD, Experimental Medicine, McGill University

Medical Degree 

Université de Laval


Specialty training, Medical Genetics


Molecular Genetics, Canadian College of Medical Geneticist (CCMG)


Selected publications 

K. Wou K, I. De Bie, J. Carroll, J.A. Brock, WR. Douglas. Fetal Exome Sequencing on the Horizon. J. Obstet Gynaecol Can. (2019) 41:64-67

C. Fallet-Bianco, I. De Bie, V. Desilets, LL. Oligny. Fetal and Perinatal Autopsy in Prenatally Diagnosed Fetal Abnormalities with Normal Chromosome Analysis. J. Obstet. Gynaecol. Can. (2018) 40:1358-1366

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