Teresa Valois



Selected publications 
Oofuvong M, Valois T, Withington DE. Laryngeal mask airway and difficult airway management in adolescents: a case report. Pediatric Anesthesia 18(12): 1228-1229, 2008.

Frigon C, Mai R, Valois-Gomez T, Desparmet J. Bowel hematoma following an iliohypogastric–ilioinguinal nerve block. Pediatric Anesthesia 16: 993-996, 2006.

Valois Gomez T, Ranger M, Raghavendran S. Horner’s syndrome following thoracic epidural analgesia in children: A report to two cases. Acute Pain 8: 83-86, 2006.

Stewart SH, Buffett-Jerrott SE, Allen Finley G, Wright KD, Valois Gomez T. Effects of midazolam on explicit versus implicit memory in a pediatric surgery setting Psychopharmacology Journal 2006 (online).