Donation guidelines for gifts and toys

Dear Donor, 

Thank you for thinking about donating to the Montreal Children's Hospital.  The health and safety of our patients, families and staff is our utmost priority.  We have adapted our donation procedure and wish list to help meet the needs of our patients and their families.


Donations must be purchased from our Wish List.

Donations must conform to the guidelines found here: Toys and Gifts Policy.

Donors are limited to one person inside the building.

If you have a contagious illness, please refrain from donating at this time.

Donation drop-offs are Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., and must be deposited into the designated bin at the entrance of the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

IMPORTANT: We will NOT be accepting donations between December 19th and January 8th

For larger donations or for questions, please contact us: [email protected] or at 514-412-4400 ext. 22764

Procedure for donation drop-off inside the hospital, near the front entrance:

• Please leave your vehicle in the car drop-off zone while you are in the hospital. A maximum of 10 minutes is allowed.

• Donations can be deposited into the designated bin near the front entrance.

• Donors must respect mandatory mask wearing inside the hospital. 

• No photos will be permitted inside. If you are taking a picture outside, please ensure that only your party is included in the picture to protect patient confidentiality.

We thank you for your generosity and your kind understanding. These procedures are meant to guarantee everyone’s safety.  

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for thinking of our patients and their families.

Wishing you and yours a healthy and Happy New Year!