To the Glen, we go!

Nine ways to get to our new hospital at the Glen site

Situated at the nexus of Notre-Dame-de-Grace, the South-West, and Westmount, the Glen site is accessible in a number of ways in part thanks to a $90M investment made by the City of Montreal, the Ministère des transports du Québec (MTQ), and the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) to improve local infrastructure and the surrounding network of highway systems.


Pedestrians can use entrances on Décarie Blvd. and Glen Rd., as well as an extended underground tunnel from Vendôme Metro (ready for June 2015).


Dedicated lanes surrounding the site separate cyclists from traffic. The lanes connect to the City of Montreal bike lanes situated on Décarie and De Maisonneuve Blvds. The Glen has 330 bike racks for public and staff use and 20 showers for staff to freshen up before work.


Located on the Orange Line, Vendôme Metro is situated next to the Glen site. The Government of Quebec has committed to improving traffic flow and accessibility at the Vendôme station by adding stairs, widening the existing tunnel, and building an outdoor pedestrian link to the Glen site tunnel. Furthermore, construction of a second entrance should begin over the coming years.


There are seven local buses that stop at Vendôme Metro (17, 37, 90, 102, 104, 105, 124) and three that make frequent stops near the Glen site (78, 24, 63), allowing people to access the new hospital via ten different bus routes.

Commuter trains

Vendôme intermodal station also connects to three commuter train lines, ensuring that residents and employees from outside Montreal are able to reach our facilities.


Located at the intersection of four major highways, the hospital’s public entrance is on Décarie Blvd. The public parking lot is located underneath the main plaza and comes complete with a navigational system that indicates the specific level, zone and lane of free spaces. There are also 42 disabled parking spots and a parking garage dedicated to staff.

Electric cars

As part of our efforts to go greener at the MUHC, our indoor parking lot comes with 79 recharging stations for hybrid cars. 

Drop-off and taxis

We offer short-term parking and multi-level airport-style drop-off zones: the ground level accesses the hospital’s main entrances while the lower level leads to our pediatric and adult Emergency Departments. The Cancer Centre also has a dedicated drop-off zone.


Using Décarie or St. Jacques, our ambulances will access a reserved route leading to a covered ambulance-only bay reserved for our pediatric and adult Emergency Departments.