We've moved: May 24, 2015

It's true! We're at the new Glen site 

The Montreal Children's Hospital’s new location is directly behind the Vendôme metro and train station on the border of Westmount and NDG. In fact, the Glen site of the McGill University Health Centre will bring together:

  • The Montreal Children's Hospital
  • The RoyalVictoriaHospital
  • The Montreal Chest Institute
  • The Cancer Centre and the Research Institute of the MUHC

It will also house the ShrinersHospital for Children®-Canada right next to the Montreal Children's Hospital.

Every detail of the design of the new Montreal Children’s Hospital has been carefully thought out. The goal: to provide our patients with the most exceptional pediatric medical care, all while allowing kids to still be kids in a playful, colourful environment that is adapted to their needs.

How do I get there?

The new hospital will be located at the following address: 1001 Décarie Blvd., Montreal, Qc, H4A 3J1. Print out this one page guide about the many ways to get thereThe site will be accessible via car, bus and metro routes, and commuter train lines . There will also be bike racks on site to accommodate cyclists. Check out the easiest route from your home here:


What about parking? 

The Glen site visitor parking lot (Block G) is accessible via Décarie Blvd and located directly underneath the main plaza. Reserved for patients, families and physicians, it contains 1582 spaces (including 28 handicapped spaces) as well as a navigational system that directs visitors to vacant spaces by identifying the specific level, zone and lane. It is directly connected to the hospital via elevators and stairs, so there is no need for visitors to walk outside to access the facilities. Parking will cost $25.00 for one entrance/exit within 24hours, but there are 2-week and 4-week passes at a discounted rate. 

When is the move happening?

Staff members will begin their transition to the new hospital three weeks before the official relocation day, which is May 24, 2015 . Leading up to this day, key pieces of equipment will also be moved to the new space, so that everything will be in place and ready for the arrival of new patients.

Our official relocation day of May 24, which falls on a Sunday, is when all admitted patients will be transferred to the new hospital. Moving on a Sunday will allow us to avoid traffic delays as much as possible and minimize disruptions to nearby residents and businesses.

The McGill University Health Centre’s Transfer Team will work with City of Montreal officials and emergency services to determine a designated route for patient transfers that will ensure they are conducted as safely as possible for everyone involved. For more on the patient transfer, consult the MUHC2015 website. 

My child is followed at the Montreal Children's Hospital. How will I know where to go for our appointments in the new location? 

If your child is usually followed as an outpatient by a particular department or service at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, you’ll be contacted in the months leading up to the move in May 2015 to confirm the exact date, time and location of your appointment in our new space at the Glen site.

Once you arrive at the new Montreal Children’s Hospital site following our move in May 2015, directional signs, also known as wayfinding, will help you identify which building you’re in and guide you to the right building, floor or department. Our staff members and volunteers will also be available to help you navigate the new space during your first visit and get you acquainted with the location of the services you need to access.

Need more info? Consult our Glen site wayfinding map.

Will I need to update my child's hospital card?

Your child’s current Montreal Children’s Hospital card will be recognized and valid when visiting the Glen site provided the information on it is up-to-date including your child’s Medicare card number and expiration date, as well as your address and personal information.

We will be switching to a new system of MUHC hospital cards rather than separate cards for each hospital. This switch will be done gradually - new patients will be issued new MUHC hospitals cards as they arrive, whereas existing patients will be switched to the new system as their old hospital cards expire.

Do you have more questions or concerns about our move to the Glen site? We’d be happy to answer them. Email us at info@thechildren.com

Where will my child go for blood tests in the new hospital?

The pediatric Test Centre is located on the north side of the second floor of Block B, across from the main entrance public elevators (which also lead directly to the underground visitor parking).

Will the Dentistry department be moving to the Glen site in 2015?

The team of over 20 dentists and specialists will continue to treat patients at the Gilman Pavilion at 1040 Atwater. Each year, close to 20,000 patients visit the MCH’s dental clinic, the busiest pediatric dental facility in Canada.

At the Glen site, a room in Block A will be allocated to dentists, orthodontists, and oral and maxillofacial surgeons from the H.B. Williams Craniofacial and Cleft Surgery Unit. Thanks to these services, the young patients will grow up with healthy teeth and jaws, not to mention a sparkling smile.

A dental procedures room will be located on level 3 of Block B, near the operating rooms, to treat children with particular needs. Anesthesia services will be available for nervous young patients. All inpatients, accident victims, and patients with medical conditions registered as outpatients in other departments will also have easy access to a dentist when needed.

The team is very excited to move to their new location. Its proximity to the other clinics will make it possible to improve on current services. For example, the young patients at the Shriner’s Hospital will be right next door to a dentist who is qualified to treat their specific problems. 

Where can I learn more about the new Montreal Children's Hospital?

Our website has a lot more information about what to expect at the new Montreal Children's Hospital. You can also get more information on the MUHC's website. What's more, we post regular weekly updates about the new space and facilities on our Facebook page and Instagram account. Follow us on our social media platforms to stay in the know!