Getting ready for the school year

Is your child nervous or anxious about going back to school? There are a lot of expectations built into that first day of school but before you worry too much about how your child will feel, separate the facts from the fiction and prepare your child in the most positive way possible. +

Making this school year your child's best ever
When the school year starts, your child will probably return fearing math class, the lunchroom mystery meat and being labeled a geek for wearing clothes that went out of fashion last week. Here are some tips to help you prepare him. +

How many are too many after school activities?

The hockey team, the theatre group, ballet classes. After school activities play an important role in helping children to develop skills and talents. But, how do you know when to stop? +

Encouragement helps nurture kids’ talent

Each child has a special talent of some kind, it can be sports, music or something more intellectual. You can play a major role in helping him find it. +

Yummy lunches and snacks

Packing a lunch day after day is challenging. You want to make sure your child enjoys a variety of good foods, but you also don’t want the lunch tossed out, traded away, or brought back home. Renowned cookbook author Rose Reisman shares a few tasty and nutritious recipes. +

Make Kids’ Lunches Fun, Nutritious

Still sticking to peanut butter sandwiches for school lunches? They're a brown bagger's favorite, but today's markets offer lots of new options. +

Mummy! I can walk home from school by myself!

Your little one is not so little any more, and he now wants to walk to school or go to his friend’s house all by himself. Is he street smart? Some tips to keep him safe and help you stay sane. +

Is your child suffering from back pain?

Back Packs that are too heavy & not worn properly are a potential source of back injuries The trauma program of the MCH provides this few important tips to consider. +
School bus safety

School buses are safe but your should always be careful and follow some safety rules.  +


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