Keeping your family active this winter

Many of us look at winter as a time when we’re cooped up indoors, fighting off colds, trying to keep the kids from fighting and wishing the sun wouldn’t set so early. There are many long months to the winter in Quebec, so perhaps it’s time to think of more ways to enjoy the season. Whether you can get outside or the weather keeps you in, here are some great aerobic activities to add to your family’s routine.
  • If skiing is beyond your family’s ambition or budget, try snowshoeing. It’s just like walking, only better! You get to enjoy the fresh, bracing winter air as you walk over the crunchy snow, plus you’ll reap the aerobic benefits. All you need is a local park to try it out.
  • Skating is a traditional Canadian favourite, so if you haven’t tried it lately, dust off those old hockey/figure skates, buy some second-hand skates for the kids and get out to your local rink. You’ll be glad you did, but don’t forget the knee pads!
  • On those days when the temperature is just too bitter, how about creating obstacle courses in the basement with chairs, pillows, furniture etc.?
  • Play-acting as firemen or nature leaders, you can “put out fires” or “fight off bears” or “tramp through the jungle.” You can do this indoors or outdoors. Anything that gets the kids (and you!) moving is good!
  • If you have the room, set up a net (or two chairs) in the basement and play ball hockey with the kids. Just make sure it’s a nerf ball to avoid injuries! Parents can take turns being the referee and the goalie.
  • Try doing aerobic routines with the kids, including sit-ups, knee-ups and jumping jacks. To keep motivated, try timing them to see how many they can do in a minute.
  • Put on some great dance music and do some silly dancing. It’s impossible to keep still if you pick the right music!

Staying active through the winter helps keep everyone’s spirits up and is a great way to bond as a family. This winter keep your family healthy and happy through fun and games!