Quebec tobacco free week - January 17 to 25


Ten Reasons to Quit - For teens

Do you need a good reason to quit? Here are ten!

Ten Reasons to Quit - For Parents

Do you really need to them?

Secondhand Smoke's Effect on Kids

Secondhand smoke threatens everyone who inhales it, especially kids. Many young children live in a house with a smoker, and the result is an increased risk for health problems.

Help Your Kids Quit Smoking

Every day, about 3,000 U.S. teenagers start smoking. If you're a parent of a young smoker, you can take steps to help your child quit. But first, it helps to understand why teens light up.

Tobacco, Drugs and Alcohol: Talk With Your Kids About These Issues

Talking with your child about drugs, alcohol and tobacco is tough. But you can't afford to ignore these topics. Children learn about these substances and feel pressure to use them at a very young age