Tips for spending a safe and healthy holiday

The holidays are almost here. Play safe to avoid coming to the ER
We all know the excitement for children of writing their wish lists and counting down the days until they can open their gifts. But have you ever wondered what would happen if you had to visit the ER because of one of those toys? +

Six tips to avoid stressing your kids out during the holidays
Dashing through the stores, stress building day-by-day, over our credit limit we go, cringing all the way... Keep your kids' holiday time as stress-free as possible with these helpful tips. +
Happines should be all around us during the holiday season, but for kids with divorced parents it can be pretty difficult. Here's some advice to help you deal with it and keep the holiday spirit. +
To keep the magic of Christmas or to be honest with your children, no matter what their age? Who's right, who's wrong? It's a matter of choice... +
Low temperatures can be very dangerous for children. They have to be properly dressed when they play outside. Here are a few tips and an interactive game to help teach your kids how to dress for outdoors. +
A couple of weeks off school, some brand new equipment and the weather report promises snow in the forecast. It’s the perfect formula for holiday fun! For many families, the Christmas break is a great time to get out on the slopes. But it’s also one of the busiest times of the ski season so make sure that you – and your children – know how to play safe. +

Cold and flu season is here - make prevention part of your daily routine 
On average, a child less than five years of age will have eight colds a year. It’s a simple fact of life in Quebec that in fall and winter we spend more time indoors, are in close proximity to others and are therefore more likely to catch a cold or flu and pass it on to others. +
The New Year’s Eve party… What if my teen drinks?
It was bound to happen one day. Your teen is going to his first New Year’s Eve party. Stressed? You probably forget that you've been through it yourself and all you can do is picture your teen with a beer in hand and imagine the worst-case scenario. What can you do? +
Video games: how to control the fun
Video games are fun, but they can actually be a danger to your child’s health. As a parent you should know more about those fun-filled black boxes and establish “game rules” with your child. +

Buying Guidelines for Safe and Fun Toys
Toys are a source of fun and learning. The right toys can help children develop imagination and coordination. The wrong ones can do more harm than good.hese suggestions can help you make the right choice when selecting a toy. +

Tobogganing safety
This year's white Christmas will make our little ones want to go tobogganing. Listen to our podcast to learn about safety measures to take while on a toboggan - tips that will help you stay away from the ER. +
Hockey is good exercise for our children but it is important to take some precautions. Listen to our podcast to find out more. +