Broken bones

A child’s bones heal in the same way an adult’s bones do. But since a child’s bones are still growing, there are a few special concerns. 

Growth plates

Growth plates

Growth plates are fragile groups of cells at the ends of a child’s long bones (such as the arms and legs). Growth plates ensure the bones keep growing until they reach full length. If a growth plate is damaged in a fracture, the bone may not grow as it should. 

Fractures involving growth plates may require more follow-up visits to make sure the bones are growing properly.



Remodelling happens more quickly in children than in adults. This means a child’s broken bone may not need to be lined up perfectly. As it heals, the bone straightens through remodelling. The younger a child is, the better the bones will line up.

Guidelines for after cast (bilingual documents):
Cast care instructions (bilingual documents):

Instructions for crutch walking

Instructions for wearing a clavicle strap

Reviewed by Trauma specialists at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.
Last updated: March 2020


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