Discharge information following an ankle sprain

A sprain is a stretch or a tear of the ligaments (bands of tissue that hold bones together) supporting the ankle joint.

An ankle sprain:

  • Is the most common lower extremity injury sustained during sports and recreational activities.
  • Usually results from the ankle turning inwards during an activity. This can be caused by a fall, a sudden twist, a blow to the body or landing on the side of the foot.
Every year, the Montreal Children’s Hospital Emergency Department sees over 16 000 children and adolescents who have sustained a traumatic injury. Approximately 35 - 40% of trauma cases seen at the Montreal Children’s Hospital are related to recreational and sports activities, of which 600 have sustained an ankle sprain.

MCH Trauma Discharge Information Following an Ankle Sprain Kit

We are pleased to provide you with the second edition this kit, developed in 2012 to provide patients who have sustained an ankle sprain with information about the injury and its early management.
This kit is useful to coaches, parents, physicians, athletic trainers, physiotherapists, athletic therapists, nurses, athletes, schools, sporting associations and others.
The second edition of the Discharge Information Following an Ankle Sprain kit is now available on-line. You can download the PDF documents and print them, just click on the link to access the PDF files of the following documents:

The discharge kit contains:

In this document, you will find information about different severities of ankle sprains, and the recommended exercises that you can do at home following an ankle sprain.

In this document, you will find instructions on how to properly measure crutches, how to use crutches when walking and going up and down stairs, and the precautions to take when using crutches.
3. Ankle Sprain Support and Compression
In this document, you will find instructions on how to bandage an ankle in order to provide adequate support and compression.
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Last updated: July 2013, October 2015


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