The MCH Trauma Concussion KiT

This concussion kit will be useful to coaches, parents, physicians, athletic trainers, physiotherapists, athletic therapist, nurses, athletes, schools, sporting association and others.
Every year, The Montreal Children’s Hospital Emergency Department sees over 17,000 children and adolescents who have sustained a traumatic injury. Injuries sustained range from minor to fatal. Upwards of 350 of them are serious enough to require hospitalization and the interventions of the trauma specialists from 30 different departments. 

Approximately 35 - 40% of trauma cases seen at The Montreal Children’s Hospital’s are related to recreational and sports activities, of which at least 1000 have sustained concussions.

Over the past 15 years Trauma Specialist at The Montreal Children’s Hospital, McGill University Health Centre have developed and implemented a comprehensive, proactive, inter-professional approach to the management of concussions. The approach to care is in keeping with the most recent evidence and based on clinical expertise.
We are pleased to provide you with the second edition of The MCH Trauma Concussion Kit developed in 2011. The first edition was created in 2007. The second edition of the KiT is now available on-line. You can download the PDF documents and print them, just click on the link to access the PDF files of the following documents:

The MCH Trauma Concussion KiT (second edition) contains:

2. A reference Card 

3. A concussion information brochure for coaches, parents and the public at large: 

In this document you will find the signs and symptoms of a concussion, what to do in case of a concussion, what to expect after having one and more useful advice.   

4. A Concussion Pocket Card for quick reference: 

It contains two quick tests to evaluate the player who is suspected of having sustained a concussion: 

For the Memory Check: questions can be modified to make them specific to the sport. 

For Balance Testing: Follow the simple instructions.
5. An athlete concussion card to guide athletes. 

6. Sport specific return to play guidelines. Five step sport specific return to play action plan before you get back into the game:

We look forward to working together to keep our children and teens active and trauma-free.

CBC Television's host Sue Smith and The Montreal Children's Hospital Trauma Director Debbie Friedman talk about Injury Prevention Tips to help keep your children safer. Click on the following link to watch a segment; Injury Prevention: Concussions

3rd edition coming in 2017


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