A back-to-school survival kit for parents

It's that time of the year where kids all over Canada are getting ready to renew with their friends, their teachers... and their math books. This survival kit is designed for you, dear parents, to help your child cope with this sometimes-overwhelming annual event.

Health and Safety

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility!
Pedestrians, motorists, passengers and cyclists must know and respect road safety rules. We share the road and we share the responsibility of ensuring everyone’s safety. +

Is Your Child Street Smart?
Your child can come back from school by himself now. But, is he street smart? +

Hearing and vision: the must-pass exams
The books are bought; the shoes are shined; and the lunches are packed - your children are ready for school. Or are they? When was the last time their vision and hearing was checked? +

Beware of backpacks
50% of teens 13-16 complain of back pain at least once a month. Backpacks could be the source of painful back injuries. +

School Bus Safety
Your child should always be careful and follow some safety rules in and out of the school bus. +


Head Lice
Head lice feed on human blood. As they attach to the skin, their saliva causes intense itching. A female louse can lay up to six eggs a day and between 50 and 100 in her lifetime. Left untreated, head lice are annoying and easily spread. +

What to do if your child has head lice
If your child has head lice (pediculosis) don’t panic or be embarrassed. Anyone can get head lice regardless of age, social status, or economic background. Relax, lice is not a sign of how frequently you wash your child’s hair or how clean your home is. +

Let's talk about it

Easing those ‘first day of school’ jitters
The first day of school. For some kids, it’s a very exciting day; they just walk through the school doors and never look back. But a good number of children are worried about this new experience and what to expect. +

If You Think Your Child Is Faking an Illness
Fear of failure or other kids may be causing your child's vague symptoms +

Encouragement Helps Nurture Kids' Talents
Each child has a special talent, help yours find it. +

Making This School Year Your Child's Best Ever
School year starts and it's not always easy. How to make your child enjoy school. +

Reading, an Essential Activity
Reading to kids helps their development, here are some tips to make the most out of it. +

Lunchboxes and other dilemmas

Healthy Lunchbox Ideas
Packing a lunch day after day is challenging. You want to make sure your child enjoys a variety of good foods, but you also don’t want the lunch tossed out, traded away, or brought back home. Here some delicious ideas. +

How many are too many after school activities?
Hockey, ballet, swimming, piano lessons, cheerleading, school newspaper... After school activities allow to develop self-esteem, but they can also increase the level of stress. +

A Parent’s Guide to Choosing Child Care
As a parent of a young child, one of the most important decisions you will make is choosing who will care for your child while you’re at work. Here’s how to get started. +