Big Chills for Little Kids

Tom Jonas looks forward to Halloween every year, when he gets the chance to display his fake corpses and severed heads for young trick-or-treaters at his home in Laval. In addition to scaring the pants off the visitors to his haunted house, Mr. Jonas also collects donations for The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation. Last year, he raised $1,500, and this year, he hopes to raise his goal of $2,000.
Thank you Mr. Jonas, for giving to The Children’s and for making Halloween spookier than ever! If you wish to salute Mr. Jonas’ efforts by taking a trip over to his house and making a donation to the Foundation, here are the details of the event:
When: Halloween night October 31st 2010
Time: 4PM to 10PM
Address: 1750 Du Portage, St. Dorothee Laval
If you'd like to donate in advance, please click here.
Have a happy and safe Halloween!