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December 12, 2008

Welcome to the Web edition of Chez nous! Here you’ll find all the articles from the current printed edition of Chez nous as well many news items, events and other information found only on the online edition.

Happy Holidays!
Featured: MCH patient Martin Sweeney gets a surprise visit from Canadiens players (kneeling, l to r) Maxim Lapierre and Andrei Markov, and (standing, l to r) Alex Kovalev, Robert Lang and team mascot Youppi. 


The Night Before Christmas… at a hospital near you
A nursing student who was a year ahead of me wrote a version of the traditional Night Before Christmas poem when she was in nursing school. Many years later, I decided to see if I could adapt her idea to my own situation. The following is the result . +

Joy, family, friends, memories
A message from Dr. Guyda
Here are some holiday wishes from children around the world. Unfortunately, none of these wishes can be found or bought in a store. Let’s hope at least some of them come true. +

Innovations Benefiting Patient Care 
Eleven Innovations Bursaries awarded, $86,000 distributed, to MUHC employees with great ideas 

Seats for the 3rd annual MCH Student Career Day sell out almost as quickly as a Madonna concert
Over 200 students from 10 schools have registered for the 3rd annual MCH Student Career Day taking place January 27 in the MCH amphitheatre. The places were gobbled up within a week and a half of letters being issued to various schools. +

New information pamphlet helps parents with requests for medical records

The Medical Records department at the MCH has just produced a pamphlet to answer parents’ questions about accessing their child’s medical records. This bilingual document addresses the most frequently asked questions from patients and their families. View the pamphlet in PDF format.
$2.5 million towards gene therapy for human degenerative retinal diseases
A Canadian and American research group including the team of Dr. Robert Koenekoop from the Research Institute at the Montreal Children's Hospital of the MUHC has just been awarded $2.5 million from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Foundation Fighting Blindness Canada (FFB). This five-year grant will fund an ambitious research project to develop innovative gene therapies for a number of human degenerative retinal diseases. +

The Tiny Tim Fund: For families in need
When a child becomes ill, it is devastating. All aspects of family life are affected. In addition to coping with their child’s sickness, some families face a financial burden as well. Families who live in outlying areas must suddenly bear the costs of travel to the hospital and finding a nearby place to stay. Those with limited means may not be able to pay for the medications their child needs. Often parents need to take time off work or even leave their job to care for their child.

The MCH’s Tiny Tim Fund was created to provide much needed relief to families struggling financially as a result of their child’s sickness. Travel, food, lodging and medication are some of the expenses that may be covered to help a needy family as it copes with the challenges of caring for a sick child. 

This year, as the holidays approach, the needs are greater than ever. If you would like to help the Tiny Tim Fund provide assistance to a struggling family, please send your gift by mail or by internet to the MCH Foundation.

Thank you for making the holidays happier for those less fortunate.

Hiring nurses is half the battle
The statistics are alarming. Between 35% and 60% of new graduate nurses change positions within the first year of employment. In addition, eight of every 10 graduates leave hospital nursing. So, not only do hospitals have to battle to hire new nurses, they also have to struggle to keep them. +

Story Hour on 2B Celebrates its 1st Anniversary

For the past year, children in the 2B clinic waiting area have been enthralled while listening to stories read by volunteer readers who share books in English and French with children as they wait for their appointments. Parents are encouraged to join in too. +

Family Advisory Forum (FAF) elects Imma Gidaro as new chairperson
The Family Advisory Forum is a parent group, which provides input and feedback on the delivery of service for children and their families. Their role is to voice the needs and concerns of children and families who use the hospital and to advise the hospital administration and board of directors on numerous issues. +

Pilates for employees - Winter session

The holidays are bound to take a toll on your physique! So make it your new year’s resolution to get into shape!
Sign up for one or both of the following classes
Mondays starting January 12, 2009, or Wednesdays starting January 14, 2009
5:00-5:55 p.m. for ten weeks
  • Men and women are welcome $100 for one session per week (10 classes total)
  • $180 for both sessions per week (20 classes total)

Contact Karen by e-mail or by phone at 514 489-7717 by January 9.


Dr. Harley Eisman, Director, Medical Emergency at the MCH, gave a number of interviews in mid-November about the high volume of patients coming to the ER. Dr. Eisman was interviewed by the following outlets: The Gazette, Le Journal de Montréal, La Presse, CBC Radio Homerun, CJAD News, CBC TV, and Global TV.
A few days before the Grey Cup final on November 23, a number of players from the Canadian Football League (CFL) visited the MCH. Television stations TVA, Radio-Canada TV, CBC TV, and CTV, as well as newspapers La Presse, Le Journal de Monréal, and The Gazette all covered the event.
MCH oncology patient, 13-year-old Marc Normandeau, who has raised almost $20,000 for the MCH Foundation, is the subject of a feature article in The Gazette.
Meet some of your MCH colleagues. +
The problem with work: coworkers
More than half of the 2,500 workers surveyed by say they work under a great deal of stress. Okay, but get this: People were twice as likely to say coworkers were the source of their mental duress than an overbearing or interfering boss. (


MCH Auxiliary Fundraiser: Volunteers needed for Holiday Gift Wrapping until Wednesday, December 24. +
Lunch & Learn
Join Melanie Richards - certified yoga teacher and owner of HappyTree Yoga Studio - as she helps you discover new ways to manage stress and increase productivity at work. Concrete tips and exercises will be shared on how to alleviate back, neck, wrist and shoulder strain, as well as improve breathing and increase energy levels. Upon signing up at HappyTree, you’ll receive a complimentary consultation and carefully selected yoga class to benefit your needs.
RSVP: Terry at 24307.
Date: Wednesday, January 21
Time: Noon
Room: D-162
Presented by the MCH Quality of Life at Work committee

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Surgery has busy year as team members take on new roles
The Department of Surgery had a busy 2008 with the addition of several new people and some familiar faces taking on new positions.  +


Scholar, lawyer, woodsman, chairman. A conversation with John Coleman, Chair of the CSCA
In the middle of the night some 21 years ago, John Coleman, the current Chair of the MCH Council for Services to Children and Adolescents (CSCA) bundled up his 13-month old son Danny and brought him to the MCH Emergency Room.  The toddler had been crying all day and was feverish. Dad fully expected to be told his son had an ear infection. It turned out to be something much worse: his son had cancer. +


One young boy chooses to “give back”—making a hero of himself and his friends
In this world of over-consumption one young boy has chosen to forfeit a birthday of gifts for a much more rewarding option: the chance to give back. +


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