Christmas at The Montreal Children’s Hospital

We all know about old Mother Hubbard who went to her cupboard, but her cupboard was bare. Unfortunately, the same story is repeating itself at The Montreal Children’s Hospital. The cupboard where we store the gifts for all of the children who will have to spend Christmas in the hospital is empty. Gulp! And we’re only days away from the BIG DAY. Santa and one of his elves are to visit the hospital on Christmas Day, but there are no dollies, no stuffed animals, no games or little trucks to handout.
The Montreal Children’s Hospital is asking Montreal to pick up a little extra gift this year so that our patients, who are too sick to go home, can have a Merry Christmas. 
We are requesting new toys, primarily for infants, toddlers and teens, or any other present for children of all ages. When you are out shopping please toss a little extra something in your basket and drop it of at the reception or security office at The Montreal Children’s Hospital at 2300 Tupper (corner of Atwater). You can park in our circular drive way and run in with your donation. Please, do not wrap your gift as we want to make sure to give your present to exactly the right child. Also, please avoid toys which can break easily and leave sharp edges and toys stuffed with small pellets or beans. Remember to include your name and address so we can send a thank you.
Unfortunately, we cannot accept used toys for infection control reasons.
Many, many thanks for you support.