The CHUM and MUHC Foundations Joint Corporate Campaign Rio Tinto Alcan invests $10 M in Quebec health care

Montreal, June 8, 2011 – The Fondation du Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM) and the McGill University Health Centre Foundation (MUHC) officially announce a significant gift of 10 million dollars donated by Rio Tinto Alcan to their Joint Corporate Campaign. With such a magnanimous gift, the international mining group calls attention to the importance of investing in academic medicine in Montreal and of mobilizing the business community in connection with these two development projects. This large donation provides substantial support for the future CHUM and MUHC.
"If there is one area where companies can contribute significantly towards the improvement of the quality of life of its community, it is health," said Jacynthe Côté, Chief Executive, Rio Tinto Alcan. "We are deeply committed to the well-being of our people and I am very pleased to announce this $10 million donation to the Joint Corporate Campaign of the CHUM and MUHC. The construction of their new hospitals will ensure Montréal remains at forefront of academic medicine for the benefit of all Quebecers."
"Health is our most precious resource so when a golden opportunity to improve people’s health and well-being comes along, you need to recognize its potential and give it every ounce of support," stated the Hon. Arthur T. Porter, Director General and Chief Executive Officer of the McGill University Health Centre. "It is gifts such as this one from Rio Tinto Alcan that will equip our talented researchers and clinicians with the means to explore the causes of diseases and preventable injuries, provide the compassionate, acute and complex care that Quebecers need and have a lasting impact around the world. After all, health has no borders and we have a duty to use our gifts to improve the world."
In order to highlight Rio Tinto Alcan’s outstanding generosity, the McGill University Health Centre will name the healing garden at its new Cancer Centre at the Glen in honour of the company. This is a natural choice given how relaxing green spaces, restorative surroundings and human warmth have become central to our health and happiness, much like aluminium has forged its way into our life in the form of children’s bicycles and surgical instruments for example.
"With this gift, Rio Tinto Alcan is investing in the future of our health and that of our youngsters. Beginning in 2016, our new hospital will offer patients a place of quality care on a human scale where expertise and innovation will play a role in the excellence of care giving and at the same time in the development of personalized medicine. Health promotion will be one of the mainstays of social awareness in the new hospital, an undertaking for sustainable development as well as the implementation of an artistic and cultural policy for the benefit of clients, their families and friends. With its research centre, the CHUM will, thanks once again to this gift from Rio Tinto Alcan, strengthen the recognition it enjoys internationally and its contribution to Quebec’s economic development in the biosciences sector," pointed out Christian Paire, Director General and Chief Executive Officer of the CHUM.
Quebec visionaries for the renewal of the Quebec health system
This generous donation offered by Rio Tinto Alcan to the CHUM and the MUHC represents an important step on the way to reaching each foundation’s respective 300-million-dollar objective. Such a gift from this mining giant, added to others from major corporate donors over the course of recent months, is yet another testament to the essential role of the business community in building these new hospitals.
"We tip our hats to the warm-hearted generosity of Rio Tinto Alcan. By this act, it is showing a desire to support the high quality of health care provided for patients and enable greater progress in both teaching and research," said Ékram Antoine Rabbat, President and CEO of the Fondation du CHUM, adding: "The gift is exemplary for it helps underwrite the construction project for the new CHUM and signals both social concern and team effort. Moreover, the first beneficiaries will be the patients. We are deeply grateful for the commitment made today toward the health of Quebecers."
"We are thrilled that the business community continues to hear our call for support," remarked John A. Rae, Chairman of The Best Care for Life Campaign of the McGill University Health Centre. "This gift is a fine example of community leadership. It will be our privilege to honour Rio Tinto Alcan’s trust and generosity at the Glen."
The $5 million donation to the McGill University Health Centre includes $2.5 million for The Best Care for Children Campaign, much to the delight of its Chairman, Marc Courtois, who stated: "In the name of the young patients of The Montreal Children’s Hospital, I extend my thanks to Rio Tinto Alcan for this precious gift."
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About Rio Tinto
Rio Tinto is a leading international mining group headquartered in the UK, combining Rio Tinto plc, a London and NYSE listed company, and Rio Tinto Limited, which is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.
Rio Tinto's business is finding, mining, and processing mineral resources. Major products are aluminium, copper, diamonds, energy (coal and uranium), gold, industrial minerals (borax, titanium dioxide, salt, talc) and iron ore. Activities span the world but are strongly represented in Australia and North America with significant businesses in South America, Asia, Europe and southern Africa.
About the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM) and its foundation The Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM) is the largest francophone teaching hospital in North America. Known for excellent care and the expertise of its specialists, every year it welcomes more than half a million patients not only from the greater Montreal region but also the entire province of Quebec. The essence of its mission is the application of innovative approaches to healthcare, the search for new knowledge, the promotion of health and the transfer of knowledge. Boasting a rich history, the CHUM is looking to the future with the ongoing construction of new facilities and its research centre in downtown Montreal, a comprehensive project on a single site valued at approximately $2.5 billion. The CHUM Research Centre will open its doors in 2013. It will be followed in 2016 by the unveiling of the new CHUM, a world-class teaching hospital in tune with its community where it plays a major role, in a socially aware perspective of sustainable development and concerted urban approach. It is also an active member of the Réseau universitaire intégré de santé (RUIS) de l’Université de Montréal.
The Fondation du CHUM’s mission is to provide the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal with an ongoing source of private funding to complement its public funding in order to contribute to the continuous improvement of patient care, allow for the acquisition of advanced equipment and support the CHUM's research, education and health promotion activities.
About the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) and The Best Care for Life Campaign
One of the world’s foremost academic health centres, the MUHC offers exceptional and integrated patient-centric care, research and teaching. Affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine of McGill University, it is highly committed to the continuum of care in its community. The partner hospitals of the MUHC—the Lachine Hospital, the Montreal Chest Institute, the Montreal General Hospital, the Montreal Neurological Hospital, the Royal Victoria Hospital and The Montreal Children's Hospital— value multidisciplinary service throughout the lifespan, innovative technologies and practices, strategic partnerships and leadership in knowledge transfer. The MUHC is currently carrying out a $2.25-billion Redevelopment Project on three campuses—the Mountain, Glen and Lachine—designed to provide healthcare professionals with an effective environment in which to ensure patients and their families the best care for life. The campuses are also anchored in best sustainable-development practices, including LEED® and BOMA BESt guidelines.
The Best Care for Life Campaign is an unprecedented philanthropic effort aimed at raising the funds needed to complete the McGill University Health Centre’s Redevelopment Project as well as the Capital Development Plan.
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