Consider Using Other Health Services if Your Child Has a Minor Health Problem

The Montreal Children’s Hospital of the McGill University Health Centre expects the wait to be seen and treated in its Emergency Room to be longer than usual during the holiday season for patients seeking non-urgent care.

Children and adolescents with minor ailments such as a cough, cold, the stomach flu will wait longer to be seen and treated by a doctor. It is very difficult to say how long you will wait as the situation is constantly changing. Patients are not seen on a first come, first served basis. Children with the most urgent medical needs are seen first. 

Children in need of urgent care will be seen immediately.

We are working as fast as we can, please be understanding and polite to the staff that are working under tremendous pressure. This situation can create frustration but verbal or physical aggression to the ER staff will only make the situation worse by increasing everyone’s stress levels and this is unacceptable. 

If your child has a minor health problem, we recommend you seek care in your community such as at a walk-in clinic, CLSC or your pediatrician or general practitioner’s office. To find out what services are available close to your home you can call Info Santé at 8-1-1 or you can go to the Ministére de Santé et Service Social.

The Montreal Children’s Hospital thanks you for your cooperation and your patience.


Harley Eisman, M.D. Director MCH Emergency Department