Consider your colleagues for the Foundation’s Awards of Excellence

Each spring, ten members of the MCH family are selected to receive an Award of Excellence for their exceptional contributions to making The Children’s the great Hospital that it is. The ten recipients are selected by a committee of their peers, comprised of the previous year’s award winners. A person becomes eligible for this award if their colleagues (or patients) submit a nomination form supporting their candidacy. The call for nominations will be opening on December 1 so it’s time to start thinking about who among your devoted colleagues you would like to nominate. All employees of the hospital are eligible to be nominated.

This year, in order to maximize every dollar raised, the Foundation chose not to distribute the nomination form in hard copy. It will instead be available electronically. To nominate one of your outstanding peers for an Award, you must print out a copy of the form available below.

This new method is greener and will save costs. The nomination form will also soon be available on the intranet. Once completed, forms should be sent to the attention of Valerie Frost at the MCH Foundation. Thank you for participating and contributing to excellence at The Children’s!