Controversial ad quickly withdrawn: MCH is pleased by company’s quick action

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HOWEVER, Trauma Specialist warn parents about dangers of placing children on dryers and other high surfaces
Montreal--March 16, 2011: The Montreal Children’s Hospital is glad a controversial commercial will no longer be broadcast on radio and tv. The ad suggested it was safe to appease a crying baby by placing him on a working dryer. “The company acted swiftly and withdrew this morning and for this we are very pleased,” says Debbie Friedman, Director of Trauma Services at The Montreal Children’s Hospital of the MUHC. “However, we still would like to correct the impression that it is safe to place a baby on a dryer. This is actually a very dangerous practice; falls in the house are a leading cause of childhood injuries. Children should never be placed on dryers because they can easily tumble off and suffer severe injuries.”
In Canada, falls are the leading cause of injury in young children.  Parents need to be aware of potential safety issues in their home and take necessary precautions, says Ms. Friedman.
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