Drawing on imagination

It started with an idea, which led to a stroke of a marker, which resulted in a masterpiece on a board in the Montreal Children’s Hospital Oncology Unit. In the fall of 2010, nurses Valérie Lamarche and Dalia Parvin gathered some markers and started to draw a picture on the white eraser board in front of the reception area on 8D. The simple image stopped children, families and staff in their tracks. Many a smile erupted on the faces of the admirers.
Realizing she was onto something, the next month Valérie drew another image, and every month since that board has been dressed in the Dior of drawings. Toy Story, Winnie the Pooh, The Lion King, Happy Feet, Disney Princess and Aristocats are among the collection, which unlike a museum, don’t stay around longer than a month but like a museum, are adored by all. Children on 8D are now submitting ideas and other staff—including the doctors—are contributing to the drawing and colouring. Lately, the characters are taking on the names of the children, which has been a huge hit! This image shown here is for the month of April —Happy Easter to all!