Enough is enough! The public voices its support for a Universal Newborn Hearing-Screening Program in Québec

Québec Coalition for Universal Newborn Hearing Screening calls on the minister of health to fund such a program now!

Montreal, June 13, 2008 –Thanks to a petition and letter writing campaign, 1000s of Quebecers, organizations, foundations and associations say: Yes!  We support the creation of a universal newborn hearing-screening (UNHS) program in Québec.

Parents, children, health professionals and groups, organizations and associations representing the hearing impaired have joined forces resulting in the creation of the Quebec Coalition for Universal Newborn Hearing Screening.

During an upcoming press conference members of this new coalition will strongly recommend the Minister of Health respect the UN Rights of the Child by launching a universal hearing-screening program immediately. They will also bundle up and mail all of the letters and signatures of support submitted by the general public and mail them off to Health Minister Couillard.

WHEN: Tuesday, June 17th at 11h00

WHERE: Offices of l’Association des pédiatres du Québec
2, complexe Desjardins, 32e étage, salle Raymond Robillard    

WHO: Dr. Thérèse Côté-Boileau, présidente de l’Association des pédiatres du Québec

M. Claudio Busandri, a profoundly deaf Montreal businessman and Chair, Québec Coalition for Universal Newborn Hearing Screening

Anne-Marie Hurteau, acting Executive Secretary of the Coalition and an audiologist

Dr. Hema Patel, acting Co-Chair of the Coalition, a pediatrician at The Montreal Children’s Hospital of the MUHC and the mother of a child with profound hearing loss

Dr. Ana Carceller, pediatrician at the Centre hospitalier universitaire Ste-Justine

Children with hearing loss and their parents

For more information please call:
Lisa Dutton