Family Advisory Forum (FAF) elects Imma Gidaro as new chairperson

The Family Advisory Forum is a parent group which provides input and feedback on the delivery of service for children and their families. Members of the FAF include patients, parents, caregivers, and hospital staff. Their role is to voice the needs and concerns of children and families who use the hospital and to advise the hospital administration and board of directors on numerous issues.

My name is Immacolata Gidaro, but people like to call me Imma. I am a wife of a very supportive husband and a mother of three wonderful boys, and soon to be expecting my fourth child. I work as a full-time technical sales representative for a company called Transbearco Industrial and I also just recently graduated as an affiliated real estate agent. I am very energetic and enthusiastic.

In March 2008, thanks to our family pediatrician, Dr Aline Levi, I joined the FAF Committee. She has put me in contact with some great people, and today, I find myself chairing the committee. My objective is to set goals with FAF members and achieve these goals as successfully as possible. I would also like to encourage new members join the FAF to help create a dynamic team.

I look forward to the upcoming months, organizing a retreat and working with wonderful people who care and dedicate some volunteer time to making a difference in the lives of children and families.

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