Frequently Asked Questions - Central Intake

My child’s doctor gave me some medical referrals concerning his/her development.  What steps should I follow in order to get a developmental assessment?

We cannot offer an appointment after a simple phone call.  Please read the following information that explains how to obtain developmental assessment for your child.

The following referrals must be sent to Central Intake:

The referrals requesting an evaluation be done through the following clinics can be sent directly to the concerned clinic or to Central Intake:

Please do not fax your referral to Central Intake if you are already sending it to the clinics listed above or if you are already on their waiting lists.  Here is their contact information if you wish to contact them directly:

Developmental Progress Clinic and Learning Progress Clinic
Phone: 514 412-4314
Fax: 514 412-4280

Autism Clinic    
Phone: 514 412-4400 x23099 or x22642
Fax: 514 412-4346

Attention Deficit and/of Hyperactivity Disorder
Phone: (514) 412-4244
Fax: (514) 412-4280
Call to activate the referral

Pediatric Feeding Program
Phone: (514) 412-2334
Fax: (514) 412-4280
Please include growth curve

Phone: (514) 412-3295
Call to activate the referral

If you are not sure where you should forward your referral, please call the Central Intake office at 514 412-4496 before faxing your referral.  Referrals can be faxed at 514 412-4398 or mailed at the following address:

The Montreal Children’s Hospital
Central Intake Office
2300 Tupper Street - local D-289
Montreal, Quebec
H3H 1P3

Note that all of our clinics request a doctor’s referral.

Make sure to include the following information for all new referrals:

  • Full name of child
  • MCH hospital card number (if available)
  • Date of birth 
  • Valid phone number
  • Language(s) spoken at home and at daycare

I faxed my referral a few weeks ago and was never called for an appointment.  How do I know if you received it?

Due to the volume of referrals received by Central Intake, we cannot call and confirm receipt.  Parents can call the following day after faxing the referral to make sure that it was well received.

How long will I wait until someone calls me for an appointment?

The waiting time for each clinic varies greatly.  We cannot give you an approximate time unless we know where we will be forwarding the referral.  Here is how we proceed:

Once we receive medical referrals, we will triage each request.  If we have any questions or need more information, we will contact the child’s parents to conduct a telephone triage.  The information collected on your child’s development will help us decide what clinic would be best appropriate for your child and help each department prioritize the case if necessary.  Please note that we try to conduct the triage within the month following receipt of the referral.  

I cannot wait very long for an evaluation, what I can do in the meantime?  Can I consult with a private therapist?

Please contact the following professional orders for services in the private sector:
Ordre des orthophonistes et des audiologistes du Québec
514 282-9123 or 1888 232-9123

Ordre des ergothérapeutes du Québec
514 844-5778 or 1 800 265-5778

An assessment done through the private sector does not penalize a child from receiving services at the MCH.  However, we need to respect the same procedures as we do for other children, such as receiving a medical referral, add the child’s name to our waiting list for an eventual assessment and follow-up or a transfer to rehabilitation services within the community.

If my child is already on the waiting list at another hospital, can I also send a referral to the MCH?

As the waiting time is quite lengthy and services are limited, our institutions are asking parents’ collaboration and ask them not to duplicate services by placing them on different waiting lists for the same services.  

If my child is/was followed at a rehabilitation centre, can I get therapy at the MCH?

No, please contact that rehabilitation centre who will re-assess your child and offer the proper therapy if necessary.

If I my child already received a diagnosis from another professional, would the MCH offer therapy?

Hospitals are a tertiary-care facility whose mandate is to provide evaluations and diagnosis.  Long-term care should be ensured by rehabilitation centres and other resources within the community.  

If your child was already assessed by a professional outside the MCH and already has a diagnosis that would make them eligible for long-term services at the rehabilitation centre in your area, please ask the professional currently following your child to initiate the referral for long-term intervention.  In many cases, parents themselves can also refer their children directly to the proper rehab centre if they have the required reports and documentation.

How can I help my child while I am waiting for an assessment?

There is a lot of literature about child development available in books and on the Internet.  Here are a few places you might want to start with:

A) There is valuable information in regards to speech and language on the Speech language pathology webpage.
B) Consult sites on-line such as Caring for Kids

C) Consult the MCH Family Resource Library, or contact them directly at 514 412-4400 x22393.