Fun and Safety : Great Toys Approved by the Canadian Toy Testing Council

Do you need ideas for new toys? The MCH, The Canadian Toy Testing Council and Magazine Enfant Québec have presented a selection of fun and safe toys.

For 50 years now, the Canadian Toy Testing Council has been testing toys for children from toddler age to 14 years old in an effort to make your Christmas shopping easy and make sure that the toys you choose are safe. This year they also have a literacy program which evaluates children’s books from Canadian authors.

The Toy Testing Council looks at play value, safety, function, battery consumption and design. Magazine Enfant Quebec has also published a list of safe and fun toys.

Smart Splash Memory Match Clams: Kid’s bath will be fun with this memory game. Fish, stars and crabs hide in the clam and children can make match up pairs.

Dino Pals: Fun for all! Colourful 52-piece set to create funny and funky dinosaurs.

Legwarminators by The Bead shop: Knitting is IN. You don’t need to know how to hold needles to knit your legwarmers. Easy to use and fun to wear!

To find out more about these toys and other ideas visit the Magazine Enfant Quebec Website (in French only) and the Canadian Toy Testing Council site.