Go, Go, Go! Terry Séguin enjoys every minute of her busy life

Ask a few people around the MCH what they think of Terry Séguin and you’ll hear some pretty nice comments. Funny. Thoughtful. Friendly. Hard working. Full of energy. Oh, and don’t forget ‘always on the go!’

Terry first interviewed at the MCH 18 years ago but the same day she accepted an offer from another company. Lucky for us, she was back four months later and joined the Public Relations and Communications team where she still works as Administrative Assistant.

She has worked with four different department heads in that time. “The office was on E2 then,” she says. “Three of us shared a very small space. And every September, we had a stagiaire (intern). It was cozy, to say the least!”

Terry reflects on what has–and hasn’t changed over the years. When she started at the MCH, smoking was still allowed in the building. Terry remembers producing the first employee newsletter before desktop publishing was the norm. “We worked until 3:30 in the morning on the first issue. We were determined it was going to be perfect.” And although email and the Internet have made some things easier, they’ve also increased expectations. As Terry points out, “Journalists still aren’t shy to ask for what they want – but now they want it that much faster.”

As PRC’s role has evolved so has Terry’s job. She always enjoys working with the public and MCH staff on events like Mini-Med and Career Day. She’s also responsible for many of the annual Christmas visits welcoming everyone from the Montreal Canadiens, Alouettes and the Impact to ‘Montreal’s finest’ from Police Station 20.

Keeping busy at work, and after work

A few years back, Terry and her husband Laurier lived within walking distance of the hospital. “For three years running, Laurier dressed up as Santa Claus to visit the children who were here on Christmas day,” says Terry, who was his hardworking assistant, Ms. Claus. “I’ll never forget this one little girl who said, ‘please don’t let Santa forget me.’ It was only when he got to her doorstep that I saw her worry change to a big smile.”

Terry enrolled at Concordia in the ‘90s while continuing to work full time. “I decided not to make myself crazy trying to juggle work and school. So even though it took me 14 years, I graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts with a specialization in translation. I jokingly told my kids and my husband, “See—now I’m just as smart as you are!” ”

Terry is a member of the Quality of Life at Work committee, the Awards of Excellence breakfast, and a captain for the annual Pedal for Kids fundraiser with her “Happy Gang” team. When she’s not at the MCH she’s just as busy with social dancing and occasionally, something a little more daring: she celebrated her 40th birthday by parachuting out of a plane. She also once tried her nephew’s 650cc dirt bike but took a strip out of her mother-in-law’s garden and just missed hitting her sister-in-law’s cottage. She gave up on that sport!

Terry comes by her positive attitude naturally. “My mom, who at the age of 31 was a widow with five kids, was very optimistic and I think I get that from her. That old expression “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” pretty well sums it up for me. I love life and I don’t want to waste any time dwelling on negative things.”

One of Terry’s favourite jokes is to remind her colleagues how many days left until retirement. “When I retire, I’d still like to work a few days a week, and also volunteer with seniors. I’m also looking forward to having more time to get out cycling and walking, and spend more time with my seven grandkids.” She might even pursue one of her other great interests, the theatre. Definitely no time to slow down!

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