Good News for Dave Laplante

Dave Laplante, a cystic fibrosis patient followed at the Children’s, spent a significant amount of time at the hospital. In 2017 he alternated between the hospital and home spending two weeks at a time at each until his condition became critical, and in January 2018 he was admitted onto 9B indefinitely while waiting for a lung donor to become available. With his mother by his side the entire time, on May 31 Dave was transferred to the CHUM in preparation to be cared for in the intensive care unit. Fortunately, just four days later, he and his family received the long-awaited news that a pair of lungs had become available and that he would be undergoing a lung transplant. Dave spent almost four more weeks in hospital after his surgery but is now home and doing well. Although he still has some physical conditioning to do, he feels much better and is not out of breath as easily. The 18 year-old plans on completing his secondary 5 studies in January and then taking auto mechanics so he can follow his passion for cars.