Health Canada recalls 3 sets of children’s sleepwear over flammability concerns

Health Canada has issued 3 recalls of children’s sleepwear this week, after sampling and evaluation of the garments has identified that they do not meet the design and flammability requirements for children's sleepwear under Canadian law.
The recalls target a children's robe and nightgown with the brand name "Nass Girl", made of 100% cotton. The recalled robe has a hood, is blue or pink, and can be identified by model number HG3468 and UPC 149499000001. The recalled nightgown is blue and can be identified by model number HG3478 and UPC 149500000033.
In addition, select NHL-themed children's sleepwear by Mighty Mac Sports is also being recalled. The sleepwear is made of 100% cotton, and is either a 1-piece sleeper or a 2-piece pyjama set. The sleepwear is available in infant sizes 6m to 24m and children's sizes 2 to 6x and share the same CA number, found on the care label (30958).
Lastly, certain 2-piece Disney Princess pyjamas made by Paris Geneve are also on the recall list. The pyjama top in question is a blue T-shirt with an image of a Disney Princess and the words 'Bayou Dreams' on it. The bottoms are blue pants with a dark blue butterfly design. This sleepwear is made of 100% cotton, and is available in sizes 4X, 5X, and 6X. The tag inside the collar on the T-shirt has 'CA# 10611 / RN# 94006' and 'manufactured by Paris Geneve' on it.
Health Canada is advising consumers to immediately take the recalled sleepwear away from children and return it to the place where it was purchased to receive a refund.
For more information on these recalls, click here to be redirected to the Health Canada Consumer Recalls website.
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