He’s kooky for everything spooky: Tom Jonas, a Halloween fiend, has the scariest house in Canada

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Montreal – October 22, 2012:       EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! The scariest house in Canada this Halloween will be located at 1750 Du Portage, Laval. The owner Tom Jonas is a confirmed Halloween fanatic and for the 5th year in a row, his home will be decked out in all kinds of gory, gruesome and ghastly Halloween decorations guaranteed to give you the heebiejeebies. The displays can be viewed starting on Sunday October 28 culminating on Wednesday October 31, the day of the dead. 
Of course there will be ghosts, goblins and ghouls, but there will also be plenty of other delights including a realistic skeleton and a coffin. Watch where you walk! You don’t want to step in the toxic waste spill and when you might not want to loiter near the jail where the inmates might getcha! Last year, 2500 people were spooked out by Tom’s ghoulish exhibits. 
“I just love Halloween and special effects, I start preparing for the big day in June,” says Mr. Jonas. “At heart, I guess, I am still a big kid. This year I am once again partnering with wonderful establishments. Métro Plus Perrier-Martel in Laval are again supplying candy and chips for the thousands of expected kids and Crayola Canada are again supplying coloring activity pads for all the trick or treaters. We have many other great sponsors who have stepped up to the plate such as Capitaine Quebec comics, Party Experts, Reno-Depot, Securitas Canada, Walmart, Charisma real estate, Cuisinox, Big Shots marketing and Canadian Tire to name a few…”
New for 2012: Star Wars characters from 501st Legion, sanctioned by Lucas Films, will be on site on Halloween night as well as two MARVEL characters “The Hulk and Spiderman”. A portable photo lab, with “green screen”, courtesy of MatonVu photo studio’s will be set up. Everyone can have their picture taken with their favorite characters in amazing backgrounds!! ($10.00 for a 5X7 to support the cause)
Mr. Jonas accepts freewill donations on site or online to benefit The Montreal Children’s Hospital of the MUHC. This year the goal is to raise a minimum of $15,000.00 to purchase three volumetric pumps for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). These machines cost $5000 apiece and are used for administering intravenous fluids with great accuracy. Accuracy is paramount when delivering medications to extremely tiny premature infants. The NICU admits approximately 400 acutely ill infants each year.
To donate online and get a taste of the terrifying things to be seen, check out the photos from last year’s Halloween extravaganza at: http://www.bigchills.ca/
To speak with the Halloween fiend himself, you can reach Tom Jonas at 514-992-6595
Press release issued by:
Luke Quin – Assistant Director of Communications
The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation (514) 934-4846