InjectIon success: Making routine injections a part of life

You and your child have just learned he or she needs regular injections: now what?

You may be feeling different emotions like anger, fear or anxiety. As a parent, it is natural to feel concerned or worried. It’s important to keep a positive attitude, you can succeed!

Follow the advice of your healthcare team, and talk to your child and
entire family.

Speaking openly with your child will help you successfully manage
injections. The more your child understands that injections are a must,
the better the chances for success.

Open communication also helps build trust. Empowering your child can help make injections a normal part of
daily life.

Some things to discuss with your child include:
  • Why the injection is needed and how it will help.It’s important to develop and follow a routine that’s reasonable.
  • The value of sharing their feelings, particularly those of frustration. Children need to know it’s perfectly natural to be upset, however the treatment plan remains.
A special guide has been created to help you and your family successfully manage your child’s injections.

You will find some practical tips to help make routine injections a normal part of your family life.

This guide is intended to complement, not replace, the important advice from your healthcare team. It was developed with the input of child-life specialists and nurses who counsel families like yours.

Let us help guide you along the way!

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