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I wish you all a very joyous and safe holiday season and many, many thanks to those working during the holidays, including the big guy in the red suit who will surely stop by the hospital on Christmas Day.

Below are some holiday wishes from children around the world. Unfortunately, none of these wishes can be found or bought in a store. Let’s hope at least some of them come true.

All the best,
Dr. Harvey Guyda

I wish that everybody in the whole universe should live in peace and harmony. There should be no riots and war going around. I wish that people will not push things to far. Everybody should be fair.
Mohena, age 12 - from Singapore

I wish that I could save everyone from harm. Also, to save the rainforest/trees.
Samantha, age 10 - from the US

MY wish would be for world pease and for all wars to stop. Also for homeless to get a home for free. Also for more beds to be put in the hospotil. I don’t need money - it is not everything!! That would be my wish. Jessica, age 9 - from Canada

I will wish that I can talk to animals, make the world a better place to live in, wish the world peace and cure people from terrible sickness like leukemia, cancer, aids, etc.
, age 12 - from Indonesia

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