Kids jewelry contains too much lead

Verify jewerly that your child received as a gift It could contain more lead than what the law allows.
Jewerly for children was tested by Health Canada and the results where not very good.
Of 67 pieces tested, 39 had illegal levels of lead, most items contained lead levels nowhere near the legal limit, set at 0.6 per cent or 600 part per million.
Although wearing jewelry made of lead is not a health risk, lead poisoning can be fatal if children chew, suck or swallow it.
Safety Tips
  • Check your child's jewellery. If you suspect it may contain lead, throw it out in your regular household waste.
  • Do not give young children adult jewellery to wear or play with; it may contain lead.
  • Do not allow children to suck or chew on any jewellery.
  • If your child has sucked or chewed regularly on jewellery which you think may contain lead, ask your doctor to test your child's blood for lead.
  • A child who swallows a jewellery item containing lead is at high risk of developing lead poisoning. Contact an emergency medical service if you believe your child has swallowed an item containing lead.
 Source: Health Canada
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